Piotr Pyrzanowski - Extremist v1.1 (Pc/Free)

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"Extremist" is a VST plugin (on Windows system) for guitars. It's main purpose is distorting guitar signal to receive 'extremely heavy sound'. This effect is NOT a tube amplifier simulator, and it is NOT a cabinet simulator, however some methods of altering signal are similar to tube amplification characteristics, but only similar!
The effect works in stereo mode, without any latency. It uses 15-band stereo equalizer. It's prepared to use SSE instruction set for Pentium II or newer processors.
Drive, Dry, Wet, Volume - knobs for regulating amplification & mixing signals.
Feedback - level of feed back signal.
Clip - clipping level.
Reverb - stereofonic reverb effect, adjustable up to delay.
Mod Boost - mid tones amplification.
Eq Q - width of each frequency band amplification of equalizer.
Pre HPF - filtering low frequencies of effect input.
Post LPF - filtering high frequencies of effect output.
Noise gate - noise gate :-).
Amp curve - amplification characteristic.
Lock bars - steering of equalizer in mono/stereo.
Post gating - noise gate applied before/after effect.
Smoothing - signal smoothing (hiss reduction).


* Added "Pre HPF" filter.
* Removed bug which caused loosing custom parameters setup.
* Minor oversampling updates.
* Improved compatibility with various VST hosts.

From the homepage:
"Extremist" (VST plugin) is free for usage in musical applications, I forbid it's sale, modifications or sharing it over internet without consulting this with me, the author. I, the author, give no guarantee of proper work of this software and I take no responsibility of results of this software.