Plasq releases RAX 2 (v2.0.1) (Mac/Universal)

The Virtual Rack
Rax is streamlined, intuitive virtual rack software. It enables performing musicians to easily organize and control their virtual 'rack' of Audio Units.

Rax 2.0: Mixer & Library

See the difference
The new hi-contrast user interface makes it easier to see and control Rax from afar, whether thats while leaning over a MIDI keyboard or guitar. Each knob now features a pop-up 'value bezel' which makes it easy to see the precise values of each parameter.

Keeping it organized
An intuitive and familiar interface now allows you to organize your racks into songs, and your songs into sets. Version 2.0 of Rax adds a new model for building and organizing setlists, with Remote control via MIDI and the Apple Remote further streamlining this workflow. This setlist feature, in combination with OnStage, allows the performer to easily step through songs remotely, at a glance. Enter the new OnStage window and you can step through the set in a performance with no squinting, and no other visual distractions from other apps.

Rax 2.0: OnStage

Going OnStage
OnStage makes the important stuff big, and hides the rest. View and move through your setlist, preview your selected visualizer, keep an eye on MIDI and audio in+out, CPU and audio levels. You can move from rack to rack as you move song to song, via your MIDI keyboard or even an Apple Remote! A reliable Panic mode also lets you quickly jump out and tweak, and jump back into the OnStage View.

Seeing the music
Rax also boasts new Visualizer support - allowing you to assign and control a visualizer for each song in your set using MIDI and audio within Rax. You can use the low-CPU, hi- quality visualizers supplied with Rax or make your own using the Free Quartz Composer application included with OS X 10.4 - which is the engine powering Rax's visualizers. Leverage the power of your GPU, which up until now has been sitting on the side bench, getting paunchy as you flex your CPU on audio. Now you can create amazing visuals on the same machine that you are performing with - ready to plug into your venues digital projector.
Please Note: Core Image Accelerated Mac highly recommended for visualizers.

Rax 2.0: OnStage

Looking New
Apple has for some time supplied some very high quality Audio Units bundled with every copy of Mac OS X 10.4; plasq has taken this opportunity to create powerful and intuitive interfaces for the majority of Apple's plugins. Another new nicety is Song Notes, allowing you to remember to play the Ace solo in the bridge. You can also now include MIDI files in your set, for 'backing-tape' type playback.

Seeing the light
Rax is now a Universal Binary and is designed to take advantage of the computational power in the new CoreDuo based laptops. With two cores working independently on visuals and audio, you could say MacBooks were made with Rax in mind.

Rax costs $49.95 USD (single user). Volume Licensing options are available.

The Rax 2.0 upgrade is Free for all existing paid Rax users.

Try it now - you can download a 30-day unhindered demo.

Key Features:
• Set and Song Support
• OnStage high contrast fullscreen view
• High Contrast UI
• Visualizer support - with low CPU usage
• Control via Apple Remote
• MIDIfile playback, Notepad for each song
• New interfaces for Apple plugins - giving more powerful control and beauty*
• 16 channel mixer
• 25 effects racks
• Live audio inputs
• Easy AU Preset Management
• One click recording

Please Note: Core Image Accelerated Mac highly recommended for visualizers

* you may feel inclined to lick them

Rax 2.0 requires Mac OS 10.4 or above.

Rax, plasq's professional Audio Unit host software, has gone the big 2.0. A new focus on the visual factor in performing music has inspired 'OnStage' - an amazing full screen mode, a new refined interface and a powerful new visualizer component.

Other new features include a Set + Song Organizer, remote set control using MIDI or your Apple Remote, and some sexy new skins for the Apple bundled Audio Units.

Of course Rax still has all the great features you're used to: 16 channel mixer, support for 25 effects racks, live audio, and more.

Rax 2.0 is a free update for for all existing registered Rax users.

Price: 49.95 dollar