Platonic World - War Drumz v1.0 (Pc)

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War Drumz is a unique VST not quite a drum machine and not quite a Synthesizer, it contains elements of both and new features not seen on either. Features like the Variable Rhythm Generators that create the rhythms and the Bi-polar Distortion, kind of a mix between a bit crusher, filter, and distortion.

With War Drumz VRG’s you have knobs to control where your drums hit this give your drums a more organic feel because as you move a knob your drums rhythm will slowly change. You can also use a LFO to modulate the placement of the drums or use the VRG to modulate a filter.


Take your live performance to a new level. Use War Drumz with your favorite sequencing software and an external MIDI controller to push your performance to new heights. For live performances WD has long LFO times so you can open a filter over 16 bars


Whether you use War Drumz for live performances or in the studio War Drumz can enhance your music. Use War Drumz as a backing procession track or use it as the many drum track.


4 channels

over 30 different drums

host tempo sync

5 filter – one on each channel and a main filter each have lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and band reject

4 LFO with Sine, Square, Triangle, Saw, Ramp with a range from 16 bars to 1/16

4 Variable Rhythm Generator (the VRG is used to create the rhythms in WD)

the VRG can be used to modulate other parameters

mute, solo and pan on all channels

Bi-polar Distortion

Each channel has an effects section containing a Bit Crusher and an Over Drive

Buy now: $49