SAWStudio Lite v3.9n / Basic v1.4n (Pc)

SAW is the acronym for Software Audio Workshop.

SAWStudio combines both high-tech virtual mixing and hard disk editing technologies into one power-packed application. The look and feel of a fully controllable console, coupled with an all new high powered 24-bit hard disk engine make this product one of the most intelligent choices for the serious audio professional.

The SAWStudio interface is a tightly woven mesh of a fully developed mixing console interface and a newly designed MultiTrack recording/editing interface. This design is truly aimed at emulating the look and feel of working in a typical hardware based studio environment, replacing the physical mixing console, MultiTrack recorder and outboard rack-effects gear all at the same time.

This product represents a revolutionary new approach to mixing and editing audio in a virtual environment, truly replacing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of physical gear needed to perform the same functions.

SAWStudio offers incredible versatility, amazing speed, and best of all, an environment which inspires your freedom of creative expression. Audio professionals in every niche of the audio industry, including full-length motion picture sound design, music production, theater automation, high-end radio & TV broadcast production, and audio production for video and arcade game development presently use SAWStudio technology. Read more

SAWStudio 3.9n - June 1, 2006 (TOP)



*Adjusted the Tempo display format to allow display of tick resolution numbers up to 4 digits. The Measure display was reduced from 5 to 4 digits to compensate. When measure counts beyond 4 digits are needed, the measure and beat separator is reversed and the measure count wraps around at each 10,000 value. For example, tempo display at position 9999>01>0000 will display as shown and when it wraps around past measure 10,000 to 10,002 for example, the display will be shown as 0002<01>0000. This compromise was done to salvage all existing shades and the current pixel layout of the MultiTrack Top Client area. The MT and SF timeline ruler display will still show the 5 digit measure value.

*The SoundFile View will now correctly display the timeline ruler values in Sample Edit magnified zoom mode.

*Fixed the Cue Next/Preload Control Track command to operate properly in Slave Mode. The Preload command will be ignored on a Slave machine so the slave lock and go operates correctly.

*The MT and Mixer windows will now correctly display the window sizing cursor when the mouse is placed over the window borders even in Live Mode and when a Trk or Chn cursor is selected.

*Changing the Base Record Filename or any Track Record Filename in the Record Setup dialog now checks and corrects for duplicate filenames.