SKnote - Grainz v0.2.1 (Pc/Free)

  • 1 physical modeled "string" oscillator (plucked, bowed). Plucking/bowing position, pickup position, stiffness, damp

  • 2 granular oscillators. Loads wav mono files and "granulizes" them. From sample playing to complete destruction. Position, grain width, grain fade out, single_shot/loop, position lfo

  • Multi-stage drag-able envelopes for amplitude, grain position, filter frequency

  • Granular -> physical modeled oscillators interaction. From resonance to weird effects

  • Multimode resonant filters with resonance and "action" control

  • "Spread" effects

  • Pre-post-filter delay lines with feedback. Separate send for each oscillator

  • Arpeggiator with chord detection

  • Control matrix

  • Graphical user interface by Rick Christy

(Grey features are going to be implemented in next versions)


* Modulation matrix with draggable curves.
* Loads external wavs from the same dir as the DLL.
* Multimode filters.
* Pitch bend enabled (still fixed range).
* Copy, paste and presets for draggable envelopes.
* New buttons to reach page 2 (small "E"s).
* LFO for grain position now has several shapes.
* Miscellaneous fixes.