Sonic Assault - Mixed Reaction! v1.0 (Pc/Free)

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DJ Style 16/24-bit Wav File Player/Recorder
Four 16/24-bit Wav File Players
16/24-bit Wav File Recorder
Stereo 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Stereo Reverb
Independent Switchable Monitor Output (VST host/Soundcard Dependant)
4 Low/High Shelf Filters
Manual/Auto Load File Memory
Manual Entry/Tap Tempo BPM Calibration
BPM Calibrated Pitch Sliders With +/- Bend Controls
Turntable Style/Slider Adjustable Cueing
Variable Depth Cue/Scratch Wheels
Time Variable Auto Fade/X-Fade
Fade/X-Fade Linked Auto Player Start
Manual Adjustable Start/Fade Position
Built-In Metronome
Last Updated 12/06/2006
Note: There is no way to playback compression encoded audio files on a SynthEdit constructed VST at the moment
(which is a shame). If or when this situation changes they will do their best to implement this feature into Mixed.