Sonic Charge µTonic for OS X goes universal with v2.0.2

From the homepage:
A new version of µTonic for OS X is now available. The new version is a so called "Universal Binary" which means that µTonic is now compatible with Intel Macs.

As customary, this upgrade is free of charge and is available for download from the download page. (We also recommend PowerPC users to upgrade since this version improves compatibility with certain PowerPC Audio Unit hosts.)

Patches, patches, tons of patches

With generous contributions from a lineup of skilled µTonic patch alchemists they have compiled the biggest µTonic patch package in the universe. Counting no less than 168 programs and 188 drum patches, they call it the Big Pack Sonic Recharge.

This package is offered as a free gift exclusively to all registered µTonic users and is available from the download page.