Sonicbytes - Phrazor Preview #5 (Pc/Free)

From the homepage:

is a Plugin Chainer/Rack/Sequencer combination. It can do a lot of things for you, no matter in which host you use it:

Feels like a Rack
Phrazor has 64 Tracks, each providing up to 8 Plugin-Slots. You can see Phrazor as a Rack for all your software Synthesizers. The Basic usage is combining instruments and effects in order to simplify everyday's work.

Reuse everything
In Phrazor the term Track is used instead of Rack because a Track contains Mixer-States, Programs and optional Clips and Playlist information. Tracks can easily be used in any host, since the file format is independent. But also Projects, Slots, Grooves and Clips can be reused at any time.

Combine your Instruments
Instruments and Effects can be routed in a semi-modular way. You can create multi-instuments using keyboard-splits or you may want to build up a reusable Effect-Rack library. Once you have saved a Track or any other object, you can easily drag it into the Project - in realtime.

Advanced Patch-Mechanism
Plugins are stored in so called Slots. A Slot contains up to 128 recallable programs and automation control data. This means that you don't have to work with preset files (fxb/fxp) after you have saved a Slot. Simply create Slots for your favorite Plugins containing exactly the presets you prefer. In addition you can assign 8 Control Sliders and 128 Midi-CC's to certain parameters. Assign once and reuse ...

Sequencer aboard
Furthermore Phrazor provides a full-featured Sequencer, perfectly synchronized to your host. This means that you can outsource repeating composition-tasks to Phrazor. Build your own library consisting of Phrases and Drumloops ... or complete songs, no problem since the Playlist is part of a Track as well.

All in one Interface
The workflow-concept of Phrazor has been designed to keep everyday's work easy and fast. All important elements are placed in one window. Drag 'n Drop allows you loading and organizing of objects on the fly. Right-Button Context Menus provide advanced functions i.e. saving a Track or Slot.

Quick access
The integrated customizable File-Browsers will help you to find Sounds, Tracks and Clips in seconds. You can categorize everything the way you want. The high-level file formats allow you to easily transfer any kind of object from one computer to another. Even if the VST-Plugins are in a different directory - Phrazor will find them...

Get on the Stage!
Last but not least Phrazor has been designed as a Live-Host. Each Track contains up to 128 Scenes reflecting the complete state including Plugin settings, Mixer states, Clip and Groove settings. The topmost remote-level is called Snapshot - containing the selected Scenes of all 64 Tracks. Assign Scenes and Snapshots to your keyboard and get on the stage ...

This free unlimited preview version completes Midi Editing, introduces the Drumgrid editor, improves Live features and presents the final default GUI.


* Completely reworked Manual and updated tutorials
* New Default SkinRealtime quantize while recording
* Pianoroll audition while editing
* Drumgrid editor
* Flexible Drummap
* GUI provides font styles
* Demo Clips, GM Track Templates, Grooves
* GUI Development Kit with Manual available for free
* Optional highlighting of notes regarding velocity
* Ghost notes in Pianoroll/Drumgrid
* Optional default project
* Template Tracks
* Recallable Tempo
* Play Lock for simultaneous Clip playback
* Optional recall moment for Remote States
* Make Default option for Remaote States
* More realistic display of the Pianoroll
* Drag and Drop to Phrazor
* Intelligent quick load via Browser
* Improved display and editing of velocity and controller events
* Improved Edit menu in Clipeditor
* Channel Lock option in Pianoroll/Drumgrid
* Track individual Clip mode
* Plugin list is stored externally - avoids plugin-rescan
* Improved loading time for Projects, Tracks, Slots and Plugins
* Tool bar in Clipeditor with several editing and composing tools
* Merged Midi import
* New option 'Disable SYNC on startup'
* Auto-connect on load for effects
* Dragging of Slots to Tracks
* Clip replace with wheel in Playlist
* One click Select all/cut/paste in Clipeditor


* Smoother display in Pianoroll
* Swapped mouse buttons for velocity editing
* Snapshot renamed to 'Global State'
* Scene renamed to 'Track State'
* Pianoroll renamed to 'Clipedit'
* Editor button renamed to 'Plugin'
* CLIP is ON by default
* Rename now resets filename, new name is proposed on next save
* New 'Variuos' directory group


* Master set to 0db when loading older Tracks/Projects
* Phrazor now records only to selected Clip
* Playlist Loop was not always reloaded correctly
* Selected Global-State is now stored in Project files
* Text is pre-selected in Rename dialog
* Sync Start/Stop in Podium now works
* GUI feedback for controll sliders and internal VST editor
* Hanging notes in SYNC mode when host stops
* First notes somes have been dropped in SYNC mode

Phrazor is still free - there are no limitations and restrictions.

Preordering is possible until the final release! Buy Phrazor now for 29 euros...