Sony - ACID Pro v6.0a (Pc)

The One and Only ACID Pro
When it debuted in 1998, ACID Pro software launched a revolution
in music creation. By offering a straightforward interface and easy
‘pick, paint, and play’ functionality, it was the first loop-based
music creation application to put professional studio composition
and editing power in the hands of producers at every level of
expertise. The tradition of innovation continues with version 6.
ACID Pro 6 software is the ideal environment for composition,
recording, mixing, and production. Its unique fusion of
professional power and exceptional ease of use sets ACID Pro 6
software apart from all other digital audio workstations. With
multitrack audio technologies, comprehensive MIDI sequencing,
and legendary ACID looping functionality, ACID Pro 6 software will
redefine the way you make music. Read more

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* MIDI ports that are used by the Generic Control device driver are no longer reserved exclusively for external control and automation. If you have a MIDI controller that includes buttons and knobs, you can use the device as an external control device and as a MIDI input device—for example, you can use the buttons, knobs, and sliders on the device for external control, and still use the keyboard, pitch wheel, and modulation wheel for recording MIDI. MIDI messages that are mapped to external control functions are filtered when you record MIDI.
* Multiple velocity stems can now be selected and edited with the Selection tool when in inline MIDI editing mode.
* SMF type 0 files now report their track count correctly.
* A bug has been fixed that could multi-channel MIDI files from ACID 4 or ACID 5 projects to load incorrectly.
* A bug that prevented rendering to QuickTime format has been fixed.
* You can now thin envelope points by right-clicking an envelope and choosing Thin All Points or Thin Selected Points from the shortcut menu.
* An alternative drawing method has been added for VST instruments. Right-click an instrument on the VST Instruments tab in the Preferences dialog and choose Use alternative drawing method. This alternative method may resolve issues with some VSTis displaying their user interface incorrectly.
* A bug has been fixed that could cause ACID to crash when pasting an envelope to a MIDI track.
* A bug that caused ACID 5 projects to load with incorrect MIDI envelope data has been fixed.
* A bug that prevented aftertouch data from being exported with MIDI has been fixed.
* A bug has been fixed that could cause ACID to play out of synch with external MIDI devices.
* The Pitch shift and Speed settings can now be adjusted independently in the Event Properties dialog for one-shot clips.
* A bug has been fixed that could cause a crash when loading a stereo project when a 5.1 surround project was open.
* A bug has been fixed that could freeze the Mackie Control Universal when enabling 5.1 surround mode.
* Various improvements have been made for using ACID as a ReWire synth.
* A bug has been fixed that could cause audible clicking when playing fade-ins and -outs on looped audio events.
* Pan envelopes are no longer hidden for busses that are routed to hardware outputs.