Toontrack Music - DFH Superior v1.5.5 (Pc/Mac)

From the homepage:


...having access to some of the best drummers in the world playing the best drums available with the best possible sound 24 hours a day.

...that you decide how they should play and with what kind of tool, Brushes, drumsticks, rods or felt mallets. Felt, Plastic or Wood Bass drum beaters.

...60+ cymbals, 5 drumkits, 8 hihats, 17 snares to choose between, all in top quality, some signature instruments not available on the market.

...access to a massive percussionkit from MEINL percussion with different bongos, congas, tamburines, cowbells, triangales and much, much more, played by a world class percussionist + access to a small cocktail kit from Yamaha.

...All that recorded with the best mics from Royerlabs, Neumann, AudioTechnica, BeyerDynamics, Earthworks & Sennheiser through some of the best pre amps on the market without any pre or post processing of the sounds.

...each mic having its own designated output channel with natural bleeding from the rest of the drums.

...every hit randomized for a non-linear performance.



* 35 Gigs & 85,000 soundfiles of unprocessed multiple mic "interactive" drum & percussion sounds providing unparrelled realism
* No pre-processed sounds, all sounds have been recorded without any pre or post processing of the sounds
* All sounds are recorded in the sequences and with the grips (left/right hand/foot) natural when playing
* Drums by Morgan Ågren (Mats&Morgan, Frank Zappa, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects)

and Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

* Percussion by Mikael Emsing, Cocktail by Per Mikaelsson
* All Sounds are powered by our customized plugin

5 Drumkits (Ludwig, Sonor, DW, Fibes & Premiere drums)

More than 60 Cymbals: Sabian, Zildjian, MEINL, Masterwork & Istanbul
We multisampled more than 60 different cymbals, many of them are handmade prototypes from sabian

(the cymbals alone are worth the price of this library)

17 Snares: DW, Ludwig, Ayotte, MRP Drums, Tama & Pearl

8 Hats: Sabian & Zildjian

Specials: 2 Cowbells, and a set of Rototom frames

1 Massive MEINL Percussion Kit with congas,
bongos, shakers, tambourines & much more.

1 Cocktail Kit from Yamaha


Upon the release of Drumkit From Hell Toontrack Music found themselves defining drumsound quality both with the musicmakers and the critics.

SOS Magazine awarded their FIVE STAR AWARD to Drumkit from Hell and it's been the top selling library in the major territories throughout 2003. EQ Magazine finished this fantastic year by awarding Drumkit From Hell their newly created EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AWARD.

No longer was it enough recording exceptional playing and sound quality to fit other software formats. So, to be able to take the vision of how sampled drums should sound beyond what was already achieved, Toontrack had to take the process of creating the ultimate drumproduct one step further.

Toontrack had to create their own definition, their own standard. Shortly after the release of Drumkit From Hell, They started the process of recording and developing the next natural level of Drumkit from Hell sound.

dfh SUPERIOR is a drumlibrary combined with the SUPERIOR-Plugin. Developed in Synergy to create real, life, live, drums


Combining the bleed between microphones provides you with a recording situation that is equivalent to having the worlds best drummers & percussionists live in your studio.

The idea behind SUPERIOR is to make a programmable environment as close to a real studiosession as possible. All leakage, that are a big part of the soundin a drum recording bleeds naturally through all mics.

SUPERIOR lets you choose wether or not you want bleeding in each mic, and if you want less bleeding, say for example you need to lower the volume of the hihat bleeding through the snare microphone, or lower the snare in the overhead microphone. No problem, you can adjust the level of any instruments bleeding through any microphone.

We promise an entirely new world of playing styles, programming and mixing capabilities. We will actually fly those drummers into your computer whenever you could wish for them and that´s for a lot less than the price of an airline ticket.

We always design our products with what we need as musicproducers in mind. Here´s where you think:
Does the world need another drum/percussion library? Our answer would be no, and yes.

No as in: We don´t need another loopbased drum/percussion record that sounds amazingly much like the general midi in your 80:s synthesizer. Superior does not come with a bunch of ready made midigrooves in somebody elses style. Superior lets you choose how you want your drums to be played. Should you need midi to build a track from buliding blocks Superior is of course all compatible with the 8000+ midifiles available in Toontrack Musics high end sound, compact resource, low price multi layer drumsampler dfh EZdrummer, or with any third party midi groove library.

Yes as in: There is definetly need for a percussion product featuring great, clear percussion sounds played by a professional guy with a distinctive personal style for use in pop and rock productions. Together, the variety of drumkits offered on dfh SUPERIOR and the percussion from Mikael Emsing and Meinl will spell the most extensive hit, swish and boom library that money can buy.

The Plug-In...

• Easy customization from our "EASY TO USE" software sampler interface
• Multiple tool configuration choices. Switch between brushes, drumsticks, rods or felt mallets. Felt
plastic or wood bass drum beaters
• Multiple outputs with natural bleeding choices through all microphones; "Multiple Leakage Control"
• Automatic interchanging state of sounds in all microphones, for example turn off bottom wire snares and all the bleeding will change accordingly
• Randomized hits for non-linear performance
• Programmed bleeding modes keeping RAM usage to a minimum
• Cached loading, sampler only loads soundfiles requested by midi stream
• Automatic Velocity mapping
• Infinite rendering options when bouncing
• Transmute groups, enables natural transformation between sounds, ultimate polyphonical hihat control and much more
• Easy remapping of sounds, you just need to remap the instrument and it will apply on all sounds. No more than 5 minutes to do your favourite mapping.
• AU, VSTi and ReWire for PC & MAC OSX
• CC Support for ultimate e-drum hihhat control

System Requirements:

32 Gb of free hard disc space*, DVD drive, display capable of 1024x768 * Additional 4Gb HD required for Cocktail & Percussionist libraries.

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, PIII/Athlon 500 MHz with 512 Mb RAM • Mac OS X 10.2, G3 500 MHz with 512 Mb RAM • A software sequencer or virtual instrument host

7200 rpm hard drive with 40 Gb of available space, display capable of 1280x1024 • Windows XP or better, PIII/Athlon 1.8 GHz with 1 Gb RAM • Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher, G4 1.25 GHz with 1 Gb RAM • A sequencer or virtual instrument host capable of handling multiple outputs • A high quality audio soundcard with ASIO or CoreAudio driver • A midi interface and external controller such as keyboard, drum pads or electronic drumkit.

* Padconf structural changes.
* Improved HiHats transmuting.
* Sample loading requires opening GUI in Logic.
* Persistent graphics in Logic 7.2.
* Ghost GUI in GarageBand 2.
* TomU bounced to separate files by default.
* Crashes on loading file with improper format.
* Vel2vol for subpads with no soft layers.
* Local soundstats hanging on cataloguing packed files.
* TPC rendering fixed for packed files (Korg and Receptor).
* N&C Kick description corrected.