Topten Software - Cantabile v1.1 build 1128 (Pc/Free)

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Cantabile is a simple, easy to use VST host, MIDI recorder/sequencer and audio recorder.

Designed primarily for real-time playing of virtual instruments, Cantabile includes a highly optimized audio engine to minimize system load and reduce audio drop outs.

Cantabile is free and a version 1.1 (beta) is available now.

VST Host

* Real time processing of VST effects and instruments (VSTi).
* Saves and loads VST program and bank (fxp/fxb) files.
* Automatically loads the correct plugin for a particular fxb/fxp file.
* Support for VST MIDI effects such as chord makers, arpeggiators etc...
* Favorite FXBs for quick loading of commonly used plugins/banks.

Audio Engine

* Highly optimized multi-threaded audio engine.
* Support for ASIO and DirectSound audio drivers.
* Support for MMX and SSE CPU instructions.
* Output limiter avoids hard clipping for out-of-range audio data.

Audio Recorder

* Writes directly to wave file.
* Can record audio input or the output of the currently loaded VST.
* Automatic start/stop mode.
* File name formatting allows flexible naming of recorded files.

MIDI Recorder

* MIDI recorder writes directly to .mid file.
* Automatic start/stop mode.
* File name formatting allows flexible naming of recorded files.
* Automatically loads newly recorded MIDI files into MIDI sequencer.

MIDI Sequencer

* Plays any standard MIDI file.
* Can play using either the loaded VST and/or external MIDI devices.
* Track list for solo/mute, device and channel selection of each track.
* Combined with audio recorder can be used as a simple realtime MIDI file renderer.

MIDI Filters

* Allow translation and manipulation of incoming and outgoing MIDI events.
* Can be defined for each MIDI input/output port and for the loaded VST.
* Channel Map MIDI filter allows reassignment of one MIDI channel to another, or suppression of a particular channel.
* Controller Map MIDI filter allow reassignment of one MIDI controller to another, or suppression of a particular controller.
* Velocity Curve MIDI filter allows fine tuning response of keyboards.
* Controller to VST parameter MIDI filter allows controlling VST parameters from a MIDI controller.
* Note transposition (keyboard split) MIDI filter.
* Cantabile automation MIDI filter allows control of Cantabile through a MIDI control surface. (eg: play/pause/record/output gain etc...)
* Note to Controller MIDI filter emulates a MIDI controller using MIDI notes events.
* MIDI Filter "learn" capability simplifies configuration of MIDI filters.

Session Files

* Session files save all settings on main screen.
* Recently used session menu for quick switching between configurations.
* Option to auto-reload last session.

User Interface

* Input and output gain controls.
* Input and output level meters.
* Buffer utilitization meter shows system load.
* MIDI activity indicators for MIDI input ports, output ports and internal MIDI mapper.
* On-screen keyboard with ability to "capture" PC keyboard.
* Panic button.
* Collapsable user-interface saves screen space for unused features.


* Shell integration allows MIDI, FXB, FXP and VST DLL files to opened via right click Open With Cantabile command, or by drag dropping file onto Cantabile's main window.
* Internal MIDI mapper allows re-direction of MIDI events to either loaded VST plugin or external MIDI device.
* Ability to disable VST directory scanning for fast start up.
* Built in tools to delete/rename recorded files and the loaded MIDI file.

Version History

Version history, newest version first...

June 21 - Version 1.1 Build 1128

* Fix for duplicate sample rates in audio driver settings page.
* Fix for input/output levels not being displayed correctly after loading session.
* Several new diagnostic settings.
* New option to disable resending of program changes when sequencer starts or resumes play.