Transvaal Audio - Lost Technology v0.1.3 (Pc/Free)

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Lost Technology is a VST effect plug-in that separates incoming audio signals into amplitude, frequency and waveform (harmonic content) signals, modulates those part signals and then merges them into audio signals again. The plug-in takes two inputs and produces two outputs. The Analyzer component splits the input signal, the Modulator components combine part signals in various ways and the Synthesizer component merges three part signals into audio output.

Lost Technology is a VST plug-in that runs on Microsoft Windows (it should work on all 32-bit Windowses supported by your host application) and is released under the MIT/Expat/X11 licence.

From the homepage:

The new Analyzer algorithm as implemented in version 0.1.2 did not work as described in the manual. This has been fixed in version 0.1.3.

Lost Technology 0.1.2 has been released. This release includes the following changes:

* The Analyzer algorithm has been modified to produce less audible artifacts. The trigger level parameters have new roles in the new algorithm and have been renamed accordingly; "TrigLvl" is now called "HighTrig" and "ResetLvl" is now called "LowTrig".
* There is a new modulator function called Exp that applies modulated distorsion to the primary signal.
* It is now possible to link equivalent parameter controls on each channel (e.g. FLag1 and FLag2) together. When one of a pair of linked controls is moved, the other control moves to the same position. Use the small square buttons to link controls.
* The bundled manual uses the same CSS stylesheet as this page. (If you don't see a blue sidebar to the left of this post you might want to try refreshing this page to get your browser to load the stylesheet.) In my opinion the stylesheet makes the manual much more readable and navigable than it was when it was just raw HTML.

It is possible that presets made for earlier versions of LT will load with the wrong modulator functions set in version 0.1.2. If you want to be completely sure that your favorite presets aren't corrupted, you should load each of them in your current version of LT and note down the names of the active modulator functions before installing version 0.1.2. If the function settings are different when the presets are loaded in v0.1.2, you can get the correct function names from your notes.

A lot of the new functionality that they had planned for version 0.2 is already implemented in this version. The stuff that still needs to be done before v0.2 is ready for release is mostly boring reliability improvements. Since they don't feel like scrutinizing a pile of code right now, they have decided to push the release of v0.2 forward to (maybe) August. Activity around here will probably remain low until then.