URS - URS Everything EQ Bundle v5.0 (Pc)

The URS Everything EQ and Compressor Bundle is a comprehensive suite of
10 Classic Console and Program Equalizer plug-ins
and four Classic Compressor plug-ins

The URS Equalizers and Compressors digitally recreate the classic console analog sound.
They are super DSP efficient so they can be used across all of your tracks.
They will instantly improve the sound of your mixes in the box
They feature 48-bit Double Precision Processing and support 192K sampling.

URS Everything EQ owners have enjoyed free updates as new EQ plug-ins have been created and added.

Everything EQ and Compressor Bundle plugins:

Parametric Equalizers
A series - 4 Band
N series - 5 Band
S series - 6 Band
A MIX - 7 Band
N MIX - 7 Band
S MIX - 7 Band

Graphic Equalizers
A10 - 10 Band
N12- 12 Band

Program Equalizers
BLT - 2 Band
FullTec - 5 Band

Classic Console Compressors:
1970 Compressor- Limiter Side Chain version
1970 Compressor only version
1980 Compressor- Limiter Side Chain version
1980 Compressor only version

TDM $2999.99
Native $1499.99