Yellow Tools - Independence v1.1 (Pc/Mac)

From thr homepage:
Simply the fastest and most powerful Sampler, Virtual Instrument, Workstation, ...
INDEPENDENCE is the ultimate and innovative "Sonic Workstation" for sample libraries and closes the gap between Virtual Instruments and Samplers. From both these systems only the advantages were combined to an intuitively operatable software solution. Furthermore this powerful tool was extended with many professional and innovative features for highest musical demands and creativity. Read more here.

More speed, innovation, creativity & uniqueness: INDEPENDENCE 1.1.1!!!

With the first Independence major update to version 1.1.1 yellow tools again raises the bar for software samplers and workstations! The best news in advance: Independence 1.1.1 is FREE for all registered Independence 1.0.x users!
In addition the first Independence software extension - the Pro Groove Extension - is already included in the update, so beside the many powerful sound design and instrument features Independence now is also extended by an innovative MIDI player & editor. Sure the update already contains many new instrument Layers which give you immediate access to the specially optimized, MIDI files extended instruments.
A crucial boost for your creativity comes with the two new Flexible Modifiers in Independence 1.1.1: "Arpeggiator" and "Step Sequencer". Also new in Independence 1.1.1 is the entire host and MIDI automation for ALL insert filter and effect parameters and the mixer. Beside the many, many more innovative features, mainly the performance of Independence's basic technology "A.I.T." (Advanced Instrument Technology) was improved essentially - so you will have even more fun with Independence.
You will find detailed information about all features of Independence 1.1.1 on the Independence product pages.
Update your version of Independence today and you'll experience how the best became even better...

Here is a short overview about what you can expect in Independence 1.1.1:

* Pro Groove Extension:
For the first time it is possible to create, edit, customize, overlap, etc. multi-dynamic MIDI files in a software sampler!!! With the Pro Groove Extension you can work with MIDI files and edit them like "Zones" in the Independence Mapping Editor.
* Arpeggiator:
The professional Independence Arpeggiator comes with many extremely usable features - be sure you'll have a lot fun with it. That's why we call it "The Inspiration Factory".
* Step Sequencer:
The Step Sequencer is a very powerful tool to create custom sequences you want to play back continously - with only one key and always time accurately!
You can add as many Step Sequencers to Independence as you want - each supports up to 64 steps.
* HOST & MIDI Automation:
All Independence Insert filter and effects parameters now support entire host and MIDI automation directly in the Layer, the Layer mixer channels, custom channels (internal virtual channels), BUS channels and mixer output channels. Additionally also all Mixer parameters like volume, panorama, solo, mute and BUS volume support the host and MIDI automation.
* new "YT Inspiring Instruments" Layer sections incl. many new instruments and MIDI powered grooves
* "classic alternate mode": activate Alternates with only one click and without any settings in the "Performance" area - this feature is known from the yellow tools Modular Virtual Instruments Candy, Culture and Majestic
* "solo view": improved workflow for the Flexible Modifiers
* Project preferences menu: overall "MIDI thru" (de)activation, "program change" (de)activation and "remember layer editing page" for faster editing.
* automatic import of a MIDI file into Independence after the "automatic groove recognition" (slice edit)
* extremely improved performance for all interfaces
* graphical display of active insert filers and effects in a Layer
* beside Sections and Alternates you can now also route one or multiple Layers directly to a Custom Channel (virtual internal channel)
* several basic improvements and bugfixes

Free update for all registered Independence owners.