Brainspawn - forte v1.6.92 (Pc)

forte is a live performance workstation for virtual instruments, offering more control and convenience than a traditional rack of hardware sound modules. forte is optimized for the stage, with low latency audio, vast MIDI routing capabilities, and unique live performance features.


Low Latency Multiple Instrument Hosting
Play up to 32 virtual instruments live with mixing and routing to multiple audio outputs

Intuitive User Interface
If you’ve seen a rack of hardware sound modules, forte will look familiar to you

Performance Automation
Reconfigure virtual instruments and MIDI routing instantly with remote controlled “Scenes”

forte MIDI Configuration

Advanced MIDI Routing and Filtering

* Flexible MIDI routing and filtering. Map any MIDI channel to one or more other channels, with each 'map' containing unique filtering and CC routing settings.
* MIDI control of audio effect plugins
* MIDI Clock tempo synchronization

Audio Effects
Add audio effects to audio inputs, instruments or audio buss outputs. MIDI control of effect parameters

Audio Thru
Using the brainspawn Audio Input plugin, process live audio input through audio effects with very low latency

forte MIDI Configuration Screen Shot
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Virtual Set List
Configurable SceneView displays the set of upcoming Songs/Scenes in large font, multiple line Scene descriptions for storing notes per-Scene, and can display a custom background picture per-Scene, allowing elaborate 'cheat' sheets to be displayed per-Scene.

Performance Features
auto-start on boot up, auto-recovery, remote control, SceneView and other features eliminate the need to use the keyboard and mouse during performance.


Major New Features

* Added 'Rack Editor' option to Tools menu. Gives a 'per plug-in' view of the current Rack and allows easy editing of many settings. Also allows reordering of Bus and Instrument modules.
* All Inserts, both instrument and bus, now have a Scene Commands tab identical to the instruments’. This allows fine tuning of how an insert effect responds to scene changes.
* Inserts on Buss modules now receive MIDI. All inserts now feature the same extensive MIDI routing options that Instruments have.
* Added support for remote control by Frontier Design TranzPort: This includes next/previous scene, play/stop, tempo adjust and panic. The current scene and tempo information is shown on the LCD screen.
* Made Forte capable of utilizing 3GB of user address space in Windows (requires the /3GB switch in BOOT.INI)
* Added ability to copy Songs between Setlists.


* Fixed several crashes caused by running forte with no available MIDI Input Ports.
* Fixed compatibility with certain VST plugins that require processReplacing
* Scene numbering is now consistent between SceneView & Setlist Manager.
* Fixed a case where notes would be cut off on scene change when the transpose put them out of the key range window.
* Preset menus now correctly follow the menu size settings in the options.ini file.
* Fixed a problem where initial MIDI data such as CC toggle initialization was not being sent to instruments when the rack was first loaded.
* Fixed a bug where system exclusive was echoed through EHCo even when a MIDI input port was disabled.
* Fixed a problem where changing tempo would incorrectly cause the current play position to change in EnergyXT and other VST plugins that use a sequencer timeline.<.li>
* Ignore MIDI Program Changes checkbox is now correctly updated on Scene change.
* Fixed case where deleting a Setlist deleted some Songs that were used in other Setlists, and should not have been deleted.
* Selecting Scenes over 127 in SceneView now works correctly.
* Fixed disappearing SceneView background picture problem.
* Fixed a problem where the menus showing plug-in parameters did not follow the menu size settings from the options.ini file.
* Several VST compatibility fixes

Other New Features

* On the MIDI Routing Console page, the paperclip icon on the 'Set As Default' button now changes color to green to indicate the presence of a default mcf file for the current plug-in/port. In addition, double clicking the button will delete the existing default file.
* Added support for VST 2.4 plugins
* Added MSB/LSB to Bank converter to Program Change dialogs. Allows banks to be selected using MSB/LSB values required by some synths.
* Quick Routes can now be applied to an individual port without affecting other ports.
* Added new functionality to the Copy command. It is now possible to make a complete copy of an instrument module. All inserts, MIDI routing, and Scene data are copied and can be applied to any instrument. This makes it possible to upgrade plug-ins without the need of rebuilding your Rack.
* Toggle control has been modified. The Init On and Init Off settings have been replaced by a single 'Toggle' command. This new single command is aware of the Min/Max settings. The Min value is sent at toggle off, the Max value at toggle on (when a Scene is loaded). This makes it possible to toggle between any two values.

Price: 130 dollar