Brainspawn - forte v1.6.93 (Pc)

forte is a live performance workstation for virtual instruments, offering more control and convenience than a traditional rack of hardware sound modules. forte is optimized for the stage, with low latency audio, vast MIDI routing capabilities, and unique live performance features.


Low Latency Multiple Instrument Hosting
Play up to 32 virtual instruments live with mixing and routing to multiple audio outputs

Intuitive User Interface
If you’ve seen a rack of hardware sound modules, forte will look familiar to you

Performance Automation
Reconfigure virtual instruments and MIDI routing instantly with remote controlled “Scenes”

forte MIDI Configuration

Advanced MIDI Routing and Filtering

* Flexible MIDI routing and filtering. Map any MIDI channel to one or more other channels, with each 'map' containing unique filtering and CC routing settings.
* MIDI control of audio effect plugins
* MIDI Clock tempo synchronization

Audio Effects
Add audio effects to audio inputs, instruments or audio buss outputs. MIDI control of effect parameters

Audio Thru
Using the brainspawn Audio Input plugin, process live audio input through audio effects with very low latency

forte MIDI Configuration Screen Shot
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Virtual Set List
Configurable SceneView displays the set of upcoming Songs/Scenes in large font, multiple line Scene descriptions for storing notes per-Scene, and can display a custom background picture per-Scene, allowing elaborate 'cheat' sheets to be displayed per-Scene.

Performance Features
auto-start on boot up, auto-recovery, remote control, SceneView and other features eliminate the need to use the keyboard and mouse during performance.


* Fixed the dastardly CPU utilization creep.
* Adjusted the volume controls to allow settings volumes between 0db and -1db.

Price: 130 dollar