Cockos - REAPER v0.977 (Pc/Free)

* better handling of envelope ranges when unknown plug-in is used
* double precision vst plug-in support
* ReaComp overhaul (much better sounding, configurable knee, feedback mode)
* ReaComp and ReaGate are now double-precision-only (require reaper .977+)
* added option to move floating FX windows to the foreground when selected
* tweaked project loading on startup sequence
* media item z order is now ordered left to right instead of using selection state
* autopunch record mode defaults to tape style if no item was autopunched
* fixed peaks building wanting to build peaks for offline media items
* wont display every instance of every unknown effect when loading a project
* fixed bug where midi editor will keep midi file locked
* fixed unpausing related bugs
* 24bps encoding in FLAC seems buggy, don't use it for now
* update 6:05pm: fixed some reagate/reacomp automation issues

REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application designed for the recording, arrangement, editing, mixing and rendering of audio. REAPER provides a flexible but easy to use interface that is equally suited to amateurs and professionals alike.

Some key benefits of REAPER are:

* Extremely small footprint (full featured, with an installer that is approximately 1MB)
* Easy to start using: simply drag and drop one of many kinds of files in to edit existing material, or insert a track and arm it for recording. No complex project or definitions to set up.
* Fast and powerful editing facilities: split, resize, fade/crossfade, pitch shift, timestretch, copy/paste and loop media items with ease. Ripple editing is available, too.
* Unrivaled routing capabilities: send tracks to any number of other tracks or hardware outputs, with lots of options (pre-fx, post-fx, independent faders, mono or stereo). Not interested in advanced routing? You don't have to use it (and it certainly won't get in the way.)
* Powerful recording options (supports pre-fx, post-fx recording, can record mixed output of multiple tracks, etc), supports switching record inputs/modes on the fly, input monitoring options (including tape-style auto input monitoring mode), supports auto-punch-in/punch-out, and more. If you want. Otherwise, it just behaves as you would expect.
* Support for MIDI files, recording MIDI, and VSTi/DXi softsynths. MIDI can be integrated and mixed with audio.
* User arrangeable user interface with color themes: make REAPER look how you want it to look, and arrange (or hide) elements of the user interface to suit your needs.
* Support for consolidating track edits and rendering track stems, to enable easy export for other applications.
* Includes many Jesusonic effects, and supports many plug-ins (including VST and DX plug-ins) with full plug-in delay compensation.