Cockos - REAPER v0.989 (Pc/Free)

REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application designed for the recording, arrangement, editing, mixing and rendering of audio. REAPER provides a flexible but easy to use interface that is equally suited to amateurs and professionals alike.
REAPER versions 0.4-0.99 are freeware, but starting with version 1.0 the license will change to very reasonably priced (with amateur and professional rates/support) uncrippled nag-free shareware, supporting unexpiring full functionality in unregistered form.

Easy to use
Equally usable by hobby users and professionals alike. Simply drag and drop one of many kinds of files in to edit existing material, or insert a track and arm it for recording. No complex project settings or definitions are required.

Extremely small footprint
REAPER is full featured, but its installer is barely over 1 megabyte. It starts and closes fast, and is easily installed on new systems or on portable drives.

Fast and powerful editing facilities
Split, resize, fade/crossfade, pitch shift, timestretch, copy/paste and loop media items with ease. Ripple editing is available, too.

Unrivaled routing capabilities
Send tracks to any number of other tracks or hardware outputs, with lots of options (pre-fx, post-fx, independent faders, mono or stereo). Not interested in advanced routing? You don't have to use it (and it certainly won't get in the way.)

Powerful recording options
Supports pre-fx, post-fx recording, can record mixed output of multiple tracks, etc, supports switching record inputs/modes on the fly, input monitoring options (including tape-style auto input monitoring mode), supports auto-punch-in/punch-out, and more. If you want. Otherwise, it just behaves as you would expect.

Wide open compatibility
Sane, human readable, human editable project file format. Support for reading and writing many common file formats. Support for consolidating track edits and rendering track stems, to enable easy export for other applications. EDL import/export for Samplitude and Vegas.

MIDI support
Support for MIDI files, recording MIDI, and VSTi/DXi softsynths. MIDI can be integrated and mixed with audio.

Customizeable user interface
User arrangeable user interface with color themes: make REAPER look how you want it to look, and arrange (or hide) elements of the user interface to suit your needs.

Bundled Effects and 3rd party plug-in Support
Includes built in effects including a compressor, gate, FFT EQ, and some basic synthesizers, and includes many Jesusonic effects, and supports many plug-ins (including VST and DX plug-ins) with full plug-in delay compensation.

* media items: snap offset (grab lower left edge of items to set)
* media items: open copy of a midi file now creates a new file of the range of the old item
* media items: open copy updates undo state, display
* ui: fix recording moving to cursor on punch-in
* ui: if record+paused, hitting ctrl+space/enter/etc will unpause rather than play
* ui: play cursor displayed in navigator
* ui: most keys hit in navigator go to main window
* ui: snap enabled on drag&drop from explorer/etc
* ui: prefs option to zoom in on mouse cursor when zooming
* sinks: wav writer runs synchronously when rendering
* sinks: ogg/mp3 writes run synchronously
* sinks: wavpack uses larger async buffers
* midi editor: will show play cursor of items played in project
* fx: plug-in delay compensation now properly delay compensates midi events
* vst: won't autoresize window down narrower than the I/O controls etc
* vst: added cando sendVstTimeInfo to VST support (for MusicLab Drumtools etc)
* vst/dx: if state hasnt changed, dont reload config (good for bfd when undoing/redoing, makes undo/redo faster)
* option to set/adjust manual recording delay offset in prefs/audio
* dsound/waveout: better support for 24/32-bit PCM, <>2 channels
* dsound/waveout: somwhat better recording latency compensation
* kernel streaming: added device selection
* kernel streaming: fixed crash during initialization on some cards
* internal: in async mode, buffering goes sync for worker threads if buffering ahead
* internal: updated plug-in API (in a somewhat not backwards compatible fashion)