Harmonics Enhancing Saturation VST
nXtasy VST New VST offering the ability to Enhance Harmonics and enducing warm analog saturation. nXtasy provides the same multi-octave harmonic enhancement ability found in the crysonic multi-purpose mastering plug-in VST Spectra' Q by adding harmonic content to fundamental frequencies and enabling warm tube saturation. nXtasy can be used through out the entire chain of music production from tracking and live use to mixing and final mastering.

nXtasy VST

The primary ability of nXtasy is to add multi-octave harmonics and enduce warm vintage tube-saturation effects. It is especially potent enhancing and adding punch and clarity to bass / low frequency tracks as well as enhancing any sound lacking or low in harmonics content. nXtasy is CPU efficient and very easy to use and can easily be applied to multiple tracks without straining system resources and thus opening many creative uses.

nXtasy main features

. Multi-Octave Vintage Harmonic Adjustment
. Warm Analog Saturation induction
. Wet / Dry Mix Dial
. Full automation for all parameters via the host
. Low CPU usage
. 64-bit internal precision
. 24bit/96Khz audio support
. Highly optimized custom DSP code
. Mastering, Mixing, restoration, audio post production and track

Price: 25 dollar