FXpansion - BFD v1.5.45 J beta (Pc/Mac/Universal)

BFD offers a library of seven high quality drumkits recorded with multiple microphones through racks of expensive preamps and converters. Stereo overhead, room and PZM mics capture natural ambience alongside close direct mics on the kit for the dry sound. The kits are recorded with up to 46 velocity layers, with multiple articulations for kicks, snares, hihats and cymbals.

Built around a custom disk-streaming engine, BFD delivers the power of an 18-piece customisable drumkit directly into your sequencer as multiple-channel, high quality 24 bit audio. The recordings are raw and unprocessed, with the plugin’s routing and mixing system allowing you total freedom to tweak the sound of the kit in a variety of ways before adding additional processing in your sequencer’s mixer. BFD also includes a flexible automated drummer, to deliver realistic drum performances on demand.

Virtually all plugin formats for Mac OSX and Windows are provided in the box. BFD can also can function as a ReWire slave or standalone application.


* Experience new depths of realism with multiple articulations such as tip, shank, closed, half-open and open hihats and snare rims, sidesticks, drags and flams
* Eliminate the ‘machinegun’ effect by taking advantage of up to 46 velocity layers
* Tweak the sound of the drums with damping, tuning and velocity response adjustment
* Freely mix the different mic channels and route them to any available output
* Trigger BFD’s high-quality sounds from hardware MIDI controllers and MIDI tracks in your sequencer, or use the built-in Groove Librarian to quickly build convincing and humanized drum parts on the fly
* Seven premium vintage and modern drumkits, with an additional 2 kicks and 8 snares, recorded with up to 46 velocity
* layers in multiple microphone positions with a variety of articulations.
* 9 GB of 24 bit, 44.1 kHz audio recorded through over $150,000 worth of microphones, preamps and converters.
* Custom disk-streaming playback engine dedicated for multi-channel acoustic drums.
* Provided in VST, RTAS, AudioUnit, DXi and ReWire formats and as a standalone application, for MacOSX and Windows platforms.
* Stereo, 8-out, 17-out and 34-out plugin versions provided. (not all sequencers/hosts support all output configurations)
* Advanced keymapping system allowing flexibility for any input device, from electronic drums to finger-drumming MIDI keyboard setups.
* MIDI automation of BFD Mixer parameters.
* MIDI Learn for triggering drums and for BFD mixer parameters.
* Flexible built-in Groove Librarian MIDI file playback system allowing auto-accompaniment, quick sequencing of MIDI drum parts, and generally any function requiring realistic drum performances on demand.
* Library of over 2000 MIDI Grooves to use within the Groove Librarian or to import into your sequencer’s arrange page.
* Intelligent humanization system injects realism into your drum parts.
* MIDI Out from Groove Librarian (in compatible hosts).
* Drag and drop of MIDI parts between BFD and seqencer arrange page (in compatible hosts).
* Import MIDI files and divide up longer MIDI files into shorter parts. Commercial and other 3rd party MIDI files can be imported, or use your own.


* BFD System Requirements: 1 GHz Pentium III or Athlon (Windows)
* Apple PowerMac G4, OSX 10.2.8 733 MHz (G4 1.2 GHz recommended) (MacOSX)
* 512 MB of RAM (1GB Recommended)
* DVD drive(For installation)
* Windows 2000 or XP or MacOSX 10.2.8
* 9 GB of free hard disk space (Separate drive recommended)

These are MINIMUM specs for running BFD. Using BFD in conjunction with other software will increase your system requirenments. Consult FXpansion support for further advice.


* Mac file I/O API during disk streaming replaced with an alternative as experiment to see if white-noise affected users see improvement. On FX test systems, new technique survives Energy Saver.
* Swap kits command shouldn't produce a 'click' anymore.
* Swap kits command will work again (broken in 'H').
* Snare top/bot outputs right way around again (broken in 'H' when fixing the snare top/bot knob flipped in detuned situations).
* Kits chooser list now cached + updated as needed (was always grabbed fresh from disk before).
* Kit piece photos now cached when 'cache photos' enabled (logic was flipped to reverse of this, not sure when was broken).
* BFD "Insto-load" is sneakier about when it swaps in newly loaded hit-types "to keep the beatz on rollin' when I'm a-choosin' and a-loadin' ". There shouldn't be kit pieces going silent during loads now.