GuruOne - GOMP Jr (Pc/Mac)

GuruOneMP (GOMP) Jr is a VST MIDI FX Plugin. It is a musical scripting language, taking the best from traditional programming languages adding high-level functions / concepts using standard music theory


. Runs on Mac/OS X (10.2.8 to 10.4 universal) or PC/WinALL
. Full support for the MIDI standard including CCs
. In-built logic and math
. Sixteen fully-automatable parameters
. Infinite mapping possibilities
. MIDI import. Play entire MIDI sequences from single keys
. Smart Note Off
. Modular - Multiple instances can be used to expand functionality
. Includes a set of powerful in-built scripts ranging from utilities to easy chord players and rhythm/glitch (see Downloads page for more info.)


. Cannot modify in-built scripts or import scripts

Price: 29,00EUR