iZotope - Ozone v3.0.9 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

Ozone 3 includes all the tools you need to master the commercial sound in seconds. Professionally designed presets and the acclaimed Ozone Mastering Guide walk you step by step through making radio-ready masters.

The process of mastering ranges from correcting mistakes made in the mix to preparing a recording for target listening environments. Like a final coat of polish, mastering makes the difference between a good sounding mix and a professional sounding master. Ozone includes integrated tools for each step of the process: add broad equalization to balance the tone, multiband compression to control the dynamics, harmonic excitation to inject punch and sparkle, stereo imaging to sculpt the sound stage, loudness maximization to raise the level of the entire track to the standard for commercial use, and dither to maintain every last bit of quality. Since Ozone was designed to address the mastering process, all the components work together to help you put that final professional sound on a project. With Ozone 3, be prepared to love your sound.

Professionally Designed Presets
Ozone 3 ships with a wide array of presets for many mastering situations. Get immediate results by auditioning several presets to find the closet fit. Spend less time tweaking and more time producing. For more control, mix and match preset settings using the advanced preset manager. Visit the iZotope web site, and learn tricks of mastering from the presets and Mastering Guide.

7 Plug-ins in 1 Integrated Interface
Mastering requires a specific set of tools, and Ozone 3 has them all. Rather than a bundle of separate plug-ins, Ozone 3 is a single integrated system. This integration allows for a logical, optimized interface and superior sound quality not possible with a chain of independent plug-ins. With extensive metering, an integrated preset system, and full undo history, Ozone surpasses standard “plug-in” expectations to streamline workflow, save time, and keep you focused on creative work.

Analog Modeling
Ozone is the result of extensive research in analog modeling. Ozone provides compression, equalization, and harmonic excitation that recreate the behavior exhibited by analog equipment. Analog processing has certain nonlinear aspects that a mathematician would consider "wrong" but sound better musically. Any analog equalizer, for example, applies a small phase delay to the sound. These types of “imperfections” provide the analog characteristics of warmth, sparkle, depth, and an overall pleasing sound. Ozone captures the essence of analog gear to deliver sweet sounding masters.

Digital Precision
While analog modeling can provide a pleasant character or “colorization” to the sound, in some situations precise or “transparent” signal processing is desired. For example, you may wish to equalize or notch out a frequency without introducing the phase delay inherent in analog filters. For these applications, Ozone provides a digital, linear phase equalizer and crossover for a level of surgical precision not possible in analog hardware.

64-bit Audio Processing
When processing audio, Ozone can perform thousands of calculations on a single sample. In a digital system, each of these calculations has a finite accuracy, limited by the number of bits used in the calculation. To avoid rounding errors from interfering with the audible portion of the audio, Ozone performs each calculation using 64 bits. Can you hear 64 bits? No, but that’s the point. The rounding errors (inherent not just in Ozone but in any digital system) are pushed down into the inaudible range with Ozone.

Usability Enhancements: Undo and History
Ever have a late night recording session only to wake up in the morning with a tinny, horrible-sounding master? Audio fatigue is a real problem, and in this situation you would have to scrap the work and re-master the track. Ozone 3 addresses this problem with the ability to undo any and all parameter changes – even between sessions! As you tweak controls, each movement is captured and displayed in the History list. To hear a previous setting, simply click up the list to the point you want to audition. When working with mastering effects, perhaps most notably EQ and dynamics, it’s very easy to get accustomed to the “new” sound and overdo the effect. The History list lets you quickly jump back for comparisons to refresh your “auditory memory”.

Price: $249.99 MSRP

# Universal Binary support under Mac OS X.
# Support for 64-bit versions of Windows.
# New automatic authorization system.
# The Q for the alt-solo feature can be changed with the mouse wheel.
# Improved delay compensation support, including delay freeze function.
# Fixed issue where presets do not load on systems where "," is the numeric separator.
# Changes to the crossovers in multiband modules are now smooth.
# EQ snapshot import now functions correctly under Mac OS X.