iZotope - Spectron v1.0.8 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

From the homepage:
Spectron is the next generation of spectral effect plug-ins allowing unmatched control over audio by frequency. Now, take your mixed drum track and add delay to the snare, or send the hi-hat panning back and forth. Give your guitar a delay, but only on the high notes. Make your bass ring down low, but stay clear and dry up high. For effects that are subtle or out of this world, Spectron is the one-stop spectral toolbox.

Spectron splits audio into thousands of frequency bands, applies independent delay, morph, filter and pan effects, and then resynthesizes the processed audio into an entirely new sound. Using this unique control over individual frequencies, Spectron can sound like a phaser, chorus, vocoder and many new classes of effects. Spectron is perfect for radio spots, loop and sample manipulation, sound effect design, and electronic & dance music production.

Spectral Node
Even though Spectron’s approach to processing is unique, the Spectron interface relies on standard controls. The Spectron effects are manipulated by Spectral Nodes which behave like the nodes of a parametric EQ with control over frequency, amount, bandwidth, and shape. Once you’ve mastered the basic node operation, you can use Spectron Nodes with LFOs and envelope triggers to open another level of creativity. The frequency, amount, shape, and width automate with advanced control over speed and patterns not possible with normal automation. For example, setup a volume trigger to change the delayed frequency and play it live on a guitar allowing you to control the amount of delay based on how loud you play!

see the Flash node tutorial

Looking for a New Sound?
Spectron was designed with creativity and originality in mind. With Spectron, you can easily create effects that aren’t possible with analog hardware, inspiring new ideas for creating intricate and evolving soundscapes. Looking for something a little more subtle? You can use Spectron just as easily to add coloration with flanges, spatialization, or light filter sweeping. Read about how producer Atticus Ross used Spectron this way to process Jonathan Davis’ vocals for a “cold” sound.

Spectron on the Silver Screen
Spectron is the ideal tool for atmospheric soundscapes and special effects for film, video and game sound design. Create an eerie, extra-terrestrial setting by simply applying panning and delay to parts of a string or other pad patch. Use left-right filtering to simulate a sound source coming from a specific point around the subject of a scene. Make explosions come to life by morphing your stock explosion sound with a car crash effect or a screaming vocal. Read how sound designer Aaron Glascock creates organic, yet unfamiliar sounds in "War of the Worlds" and other blockbuster films.

Extend the Life of Your Loops and Samples
Every sound designer, producer and electronic musician has at least one set of loops and samples sitting around. Save yourself some time and money and let Spectron turn those old, worn out samples into a multitude of new and exciting sounds. Add a sense of space to your drums with panning, turn your basses into malfunctioning robots with harmonic delays, make your vocal samples burst into a chorus of pipe organs with morphs.

Hundreds of Effects in an Instant
Spectron can stand on its own with only the factory presets to provide you hours of inspiration with new sounds. Looking for a crazy effect right away? Check out Spectron’s integrated preset system. Right out of the box, you get tons of quality presets, and the list is constantly growing. With the presets, Spectron is a virtual “stomp box” for guitars, keys, bass, vocals, and anything else that needs new aural life. Experienced users will find the presets as very useful starting points for creating their own sounds with Spectron. Be sure to check the iZotope web site for new presets.

Usability Enhancements: Automation
Do you have a really cool patch, but wish you could control some of the effects more precisely, or control many parameters at once? Spectron offers over 225 automatable parameters, which means that almost anything that you want to automate in your host application can be assigned. For instance, if you have a section of a drum break that you want to twist and melt into a completely arrhythmic mess at the end, you can automate an increase in delay time and feedback just for the part that you want. If you want to add a filter drop in a synth line, just automate an increase in a filter node’s bandwidth or cutoff frequency. You can get really creative with this, and it always pays off to experiment. With a little ingenuity, you can hand-craft completely immersive and evolving soundscapes that were previously impossible without loads of effects and a crack team of synthesis masters at the wheel!

Price: $129.99 MSRP

# Universal Binary support under Mac OS X.
# Support for 64-bit versions of Windows.
# New automatic authorization system.
# The Q for the alt-solo feature can be changed with the mouse wheel.
# Improved delay compensation support, including delay freeze function.
# Fixed issue where presets do not load on systems where "," is the numeric separator.
# Host tempo sync for LFOs.