LinPlug r - Albino v3.0.1 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

From the homepage:
In 2002 Rob Papen approached Peter Linsener of LinPlug with the idea of a sound-designers dream synth.
A few months later ALBINO was born! This very unique synth stole the hearts of many musicians due to it's high quality sound, usability and inspirational presets.

Key features Albino3:

* VST2.0, AU and RTAS plug-in synthesizer for PC and Mac (IntelMac)
* Sound Presets consist of 4 separate Layers for rich, complex sound synthesis.
* 32 note polyphonic (CPU dependent)
* Unlimited sound programs, Sound Browser
* +2100 Rob Papen presets and more
* 4 oscillators per Layer, 4 types. Oscillator modules include Analog-type, Digital-type, Noise-type and Audio Input-type. FM modulation and AM modulation. Oscillator Sync in Analog Oscillator 2 and 4.
* Stereo Filters, 4 types. Filter modules include Silk-type, Cream-type, Scream-type and Comb-type. 3 multimode filters (Silk, Cream and Scream), each with a different basic design thus producing different sounding filters. Filters are stereo with panning and panning modulation options.
* Saturation knob precedes each filter to add overdrive to the sound before it enters the filter. Four types of Saturation are available.
* 8 envelopes, 2 types. ADSFR type and 5-stage envelope type with loop function. Each envelope stage has separate slope/curve settings. Each oscillator has its own volume envelope.
* 4 LFOs with various waveforms and midi-syncable. LFO Waves have adjustable start-phase and waveform-symmetry. LFOs can also be set to mono mode.
* Modulation Matrix which includes 16 routings with 27 sources and 36 destinations. Separate control section for Velocity to: AMP, Filter 1 and Filter 2.
* Arpeggiator with 32 step rhythm sequencer, step length, clock settings, various modes including modulation and chord, switchable keyboard retrigger, swing, velocity mix, save/load functionality.
* Spread function for each Oscillator for ultra fat detuned sounds.
* Chord memory mode (saved with the preset)
* 4 effects units per layer each containing 12 stereo effects including two Choruses, two Delays, Filter, Phaser, Reverb, Flanger, Gator, Wah Wah, Compressor and LoFi.
* Mono/Polyphonic Portamento/Glide featuring Fingered mode, switchable constant Time/constant Rate and Auto-Bend Modes
* Sound programs are stored directly on hard disk so providing a virtually unlimited number of storage locations. Sounds are sorted into style-maps for easy search. Integrated Sound Browser, MIDI program change and bank change supported.
* Adjustable Precision setting for recreating the warmth of true analog synthesizers
* Gen (randomize) function for experimentation and preset fun
* Microtonal support (Scala file import) for different scales (Indian, Arabic, etc.)
* Adjustable keyboard velocity response curve.
* 32-voice polyphony
* Adjustable voice limit (mono, 1...12, oo).
* MIDI activity display (also triggers a C3 when clicked)
* Several parameters are located on the "rear panel" so they are not changed accidentally during use.
* Controller hardware (faderbox or synth) settings can be saved and restored.
* Dial operation is switchable between circular and linear modes

- reduced CPU load with open layer window
- alternative color for text displays
- fixed seldom crash on closing editor while sequencer is running
- fixed resizing in Logic 5/6 (Mac only)
- filters do now bypass when switched off
- fixed hangup when loading sessions with multiple
instances of Albino (Mac AU only)
- improved sound when feeding filters with spreaded oscillators
at full volume

Price 199 euro.