Manytone - ManyStation v2.0 (Pc)

ManyStation - sample based workstation with over 1GB of high quality multisampled soundsets providing detailed and highly playable sounds.

ManyStation is Windows VSTi workstation synthesizer providing detailed and highly playable sounds.

1.5GB of sounds include multi-sampled acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, cellos and vintage hardware synths. All samples have been hand edited by Manytone with painstaking attention to sonic fidelity, usability and noise levels.

The ManyStation also allows extensive programming and comes with onboard FX (including chorus, distortion, delay and reverb).

The ManyStation costs $99.99 and is available now. Registered Wusikstation users can purchase ManyStation for $79.99).

What are the minimum specifications for my computer?

You can run ManyStation on lower specified machines, however, we recommend as a minimum:

* your CPU should be SSE enabled
* 256 MB of RAM as the absolute minimum - 512 MB is acceptable and 1 gig is preferred

What's new in ManyStation version 2?

ManyStation ManyStation version 2 offers significantly increased functionality and a vastly increased sample library which is available to all Manytone VSTi customers through Manytone FreeZone.

The new functionality in ManyStation version 2 includes:

* an advanced browser which allows for soundset and preset categorization
* data now loads two times faster
* extra destinations have been added to the modulation matrix
* ManyStation will now load DashSND files without conversion, and
* micro-tuning is supported.