MB PlugIns - Stereoizer Pro v1.0 (Pc/Free)

The successor of the now discontinued MB Stereoizer III

An insert effect to create a stereo signal from a mono input by modulating
delay time, frequency and amplitude of the incoming signal

Combines delay modulation and MS routines
to create natural sounding stereo effects

It can also be used as a chorus/flanger/phaser or
to modify the signal beyond recognition if pushed to the extremes

Very useful for doubling vocals or synthies
or to manipulate the stereo base of incoming audio

Dual mode modulates both input channels separately

Main changes:
- Complete new GUI
- Added zoomable and normalisable stereoscope
- Added level adjust for mid and side signal
- Added patch select
- 8 presets help you get started
and give you a small overview of its capabilities