Native Instruments - Battery v2.1.5 (Pc/Mac)

BATTERY 2 is the ultimate drum sampler for creating and fine-tuning all of the percussive elements in any production. With a streamlined design for fast and intuitive control, generate perfect drums and percussion every time. From the smoothest grooves to the most rugged rhythms - BATTERY 2 is the professional choice.

The latest version offers an even more intuitive user-interface with a larger, customizable matrix. Every sample-cell is armed with a powerful compressor and multi-mode filter, an LFO, freely assignable envelope, mapping editor managing 128 sample-layers per cell, re-sampling effect and an extended Loop section. BATTERY 2 also offers a first-class sample library containing 3.5 GB worth of drum and percussion samples as well as compatibilty to many sample formats plus a simplified file management.

Incisive and Instinctive

The cell matrix is as fast as it is easy to use. Simply load your various sounds into the 72 sample cells and create whole new drum kits in a matter of seconds. Rearrange the cells or the matrix itself, group cells together or mute and solo cells or groups for easy management. BATTERY 2’s intuitive interface truly is a case of plug and play.

Sculpt Your Sound

BATTERY 2 will bring your drums and percussion to life and lend them a unique flavor. Every sample cell has an individual and comprehensive set of powerful sound-shaping tools: compressors, filters, saturation, bit-reduction, modulation including freely assignable envelopes and LFOs, an extended Loop section and much more afford you the creative power to sculpt distinctive rhythm tracks.

Access All Areas
BATTERY 2 is compatible with a wide range of professional sample-formats, ensuring that you can import the exact samples required. Included in BATTERY 2 is a huge 3.5 GB library with loads of professional drum kits: natural drums and percussion, orchestral percussion, electronic drum kits, a selection of specials as well as an optimized version of the popular BATTERY 1 library. Everything needed to keep your productions sounding fresh.

Top Features

* Fast, powerful and intuitive drum sampler based on a next-generation sample engine
* Fast and direct access to wide range of sound parameters for each individual cell.
* New: Up to 72 sample cells for large and versatile drum kits
* Variable cell matrix size to match individual requirements
* A filter section for each cell with 15 individual types
* A powerful compressor for every cell with optimized presets
* Extensive modulation options including a freely assignable envelope and LFO for each cell
* Mapping editor managing 128 sample-layers per cell
* Up to 16 mono and 8 stereo outputs, 256 stereo voices , 32 Bit internal resolution
* Over 3,5 GB of professional drum and percussion samples

Audio Units™, VST®, RTAS™, DXi™, ASIO®, Core Audio™, Core MIDI™, DirectSound™
System Requirements
10.2.6, G3 500, 256 MB RAM
Windows XP, Pentium III/Athlon 500 GHz, 256 MB RAM
DVD Drive
Recommended System
10.3 +, G4 733, 512 MB RAM
Windows XP, Pentium / Athlon XP 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM


* Sample Import was greatly improved and the logic was changed in order to provide better mapping of samples to cells
* Empty samples problem for the Jazz kit has been fixed
* CRASH: Changing ASIO settings crash.
* CRASH: Pitch envelope crash.
* CRASH: crashes when the memory overloaded.
* CRASH: change in options > cell trigger velocity crashes Logic7.
* CRASH: crash pressing "eject CD" without CD in drive.
* CRASH: when ProTools Sample buffer is set above 512 - full crash.
* CRASH: Pro Tools disappears when Battery 3/4 cell is triggered.
* CRASH: Crash after visiting Audio/MIDI.
* GROUPING: round robin B row.
* HEADER: Master Level not working correctly.
* HOST: B2 steals cubase keys.
* HOST: Modulation adjust for cells selected in row not working.
* HOST: some modulation settings are not saved in chunk.
* HOST: No prehear in Browser while sequencer is running.
* HOST: Battery automation windows pops up in Sonar.
* IMPORT: Akai import - no refresh in browser.
* IMPORT: Kontakt .nki file import not possible.
* IMPORT: SF2 create strange cell/sample.
* IMPORT: LM4 Mark 1 kits import issue.
* IMPORT: REX slices have wrong order.
* IMPORT: format import problems.
* IMPORT: sort cells according to key order.
* MAPPING: Tune, Pan, and Volume values are lost when replacing a zone.
* MATRIX: cell reverts back to it's original settings.
* MODULATION: automation assign and automation jumps.
* MODULATION: complete audio dropout while automation.
* MODULATION: Battery 2 - recall modulation issue.
* MODULATION: Parameter does not react to CC if assigned to all cells.
* MODULATION: Midi CCs cannot be removed from list.
* MODULATION: settings are not preserved.
* OUTPUTS: multiple outs Mono do not work.
* PERFORMANCE: Long loading times.
* SETTINGS: midi controller bugs.
* SETTINGS: Output configuration is no longer editable.
* STATUS: show automation.
* USABILITY: can not change root key for empty cells.