NuGen Audio - Monofilter 3 (Pc)

Designed from the ground up to bring 'transparent' solidity to your sounds, Monofilter 3 can sharpen, define and align your sounds for the tightest mix.

Monofilter 3 can bring back the centre of your bass, so easily lost through stereo effects processing, synth sound generation, unwanted phase inconsistencies and live recording mic. bleed etc.

Our market leading features now give you clear control over stereo spread, transition and phase alignment, and the unique WYSIWYG interface gives you clear and exacting visual feedback.

Completely re-written from the ground up, Monofilter 3 now includes:

= Exact WYSIWYG graphical display + filter slopes
No style over content here - what you see is what you get. The accurate stereo differential waveform analysis and filter performance overlay shows you exactly what is going on. the fft spectrum analysis can be especially useful when making an initial assesment of the situation, as it can be difficult for the ear to accurately resolve directional information in the low frequencies. Using the display you can quickly assess the nature of the audio under inspection.
= Phase Alignment (manual and auto)
Phase problems 'smearing' the centre caused by stereo FX or multiple mic. recordings can be adjusted manually, or tracked automatically using our in-built correlation algorithm.
= Level Trim (manual and auto)
Need to tweak the bass component smoothly without any unwanted EQ 'bumps'? No problem. Auto mode can also automatically adjust for any level changes as a result of the narrowing process.
= Multiple Listen Modes
Quickly find the desired crossover point by ear.
= Digital Full Scale level meter with peak hold
Scaled to allow rapid optimisation of the signal path. Solid colour banding allows peak levels to be easily identified.
= Left and Right Clip margin
Essential metering feature in a mastering situation.
= Filter slope adjustment
Controls the rate of introduction of the effect, smooth, sharp or somewhere in between. Easy to tailor to your program material.
= L/R balance control
After focussing the bass, this feature allows you to maintain control over the rest of the signal without affecting the low frequencies.
= Cutoff frequency adjustment
Simply use the slider or enter a number directly.
= High Quality mode
Where filter performance is critical, select HQ mode for the sharpest performance.

Price: 59 dollar