Outsim - SynthMaker v0.9.5y (Pc)

From the homepage:
This release fixes two important issues that were causing random crashes. There were also issues with recovery and schematic files being corrupted when a crash occurred, these have been resolved as well.

We have some nice new features for exporting standalone applications. You can now choose your own icon and about box text and as requested by many of you we now have a full screen option.

What Is SynthMaker?
SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.

You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

Additions and fixes:

– Fixed a problem related to auto recovery that was causing random crashes
– The issue with the software occasionally corrupting recovery files has been resolved
– Fixed the issue that was causing crashes while dragging components to a schematic
– The issue with controls on property panels becoming locked has been resolved
– The Graph Lines CL component wasn't drawing anything when logging the x-axis
– All file dialogs are now resizeable
– New custom about box and icon options for standalone executables
– Full screen mode for standalone executables
– New Shift Float Array component
– The Low Pass Filter component has been renamed to Biquad