Plasq - Musolomo v1.1.1 Universal Binary beta (Mac/Universal)

Musolomo lets you capture sound in an instant and play it back how you want it, looping, changing it's melody, rhythm and organisation. An unparalleled performance instrument or remix tool!

Key Features

* It's Free!
* Sample, copy, and erase without the need to look at a computer screen.
* Peripheral vision feedback design (the flashing border)
* Record and play sync before and after play and record!
* Revolutionary Digi Skip technology, allowing time-jumping
* Speedster inspired technology for timestretching to
host tempo, re-pitching
* Legato, Bo, Scratchet, tape speed and (the cool) Freeze
* Autolooper allowing very easy on-the-fly loop making
* Play through modes great for 'break-downs'
* Handy in-built help screen
* MIDI-assignable

Musolomo is currently availiable for OS X AudioUnit. They plan to port it to Windows VST.
How soon depends on interest.


* Universal Binary.
* Miscellaneous