Prodyon - Randomax v1.0 (Pc)

From the homepage:
Finally - it has arrived: "Randomax", A new and unique Drumcomputer/sampler which is ready to take your drums to new heights! Fully featurepacked, with four individual Stereo-Outputs, 17 drums at once, 11 sections, 800(!) included Drumsounds, 128 ready-to-use Drumkits in various genres and much more!

Randomax is now available and costs only $29.95 for download only.

The intention behind Randomax was to give the User the possibility to create unique Grooves and Beats fast and easily. Also the randomization features of Randomax (hence the name) are second to none.

With the press of a single button you can have a whole new Drumkit at your fingertips!

But Randomax goes even further: There´s a "QuickPatch" feature implemented, which lets you "jump" to certain preselected Presets for the ultimate livejamming or just for spicing up your grooves!

But enough talking for now - just take a look at the videos and/or the MP3-Demos and get excited !

Modulation? Sure!
Randomax has four Buttons dedicated to that. They´re simply called "M1", "M2", "M3" and "M4". Now you wonder what these M´s are for? They stand for "Modulation" and each number represents a unique type of modulation.

These include velocity to volume, decay, sample offset (nice one!) and integrated Lowpass Filter.

Drumsounds ::

Randomax comes pre-loaded with dozens of fresh-sounding drumsounds (over 800 in total), suitable for and not only Pop, Rock, Dance, Trance, Hiphop and Electro. Also, there are 128 (!) pre-designed Drumkits, categorized like Pop, HipHop and so on.

NOTE: Randomax will come in two version in future. The second version adds the possibility to include/use your own drumsounds and apply all that randomization to them as well! If you order the Randomax now, you will automatically get the second version when it is released - with no extra charge.