Rocktave - Music Workshop (Delta SP) v2.0.5 (Pc)

# "Copy Extract" and "Copy To File" functions added to wave editor.
# Standalone wave editor speed problem fixed, now includes hold speed option.
# Wave editor menus split into categories for volume, loop, fx and edit commands.
# Standalone wave editor setup devices menu improved.
# Hundreds of new synth presets for Ventura plugins and Universal plugin.
# 300 new Soundfont presets in 4 new Soundfonts.
# VMod section in synths with VMod fixed.

Multi-track sequencer

# Unlimited tracks in unlimited nestable track folders.
# Sequence Audio and MIDI clips.
# Import and export MIDI.
# Import and export Audio.
# MP3, OGG and WAV formats supported.
# 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit PCM waves.
# Customisable sequencer theme.
# Share plugins amongst multiple tracks.
# Sequence to external MIDI devices.

Modular synthesizer

# Point and click control.
# PC keyboard as MIDI keyboard.
# 32 bit floating point.
# Unlimited plugins.
# Unrestricted plugin combinations.
# 50 built-in instrument Plugins.
# 41 built-in high quality effects.
# 6 built-in MIDI plugins.
# Soundfont soft synths.
# Advanced CC to parameter mapping.
# Multiple input and output plugins supported.
# Loads VST plugin instruments and effects.

50 Built-in Instruments

To cover as many styles or types of music as possible, Music Workshop has 50 built-in software synthesizers, covering every major synthesis type from FM to physical modelling to subtractive synthesis.

To complement the built-in plugins, any standard VST plugin instrument can be loaded as well.

40 Built-in Effect Plugins

Music Workshop has 40 built-in effect plugins, with all the usual standard effect types provided, such as chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, filters and EQ.

To complement the built-in effects, any standard VST plugin effect can be loaded as well.

Wave Editing

Music Workshop has internal 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit PCM wave editing, and can also edit MP3 and OGG files as well as WAV files that can be decoded and encoded by the windows ACM, and many other formats including AIFF, AU, SND, VOC and XI.

With the number of takes only limited by your hard disk space, you can record and sequence bands, singers or solo musicians, and produce professional high quality music. The wave editor comes with 40 built in effects, including Universal FX, filters, delays, reverbs and equalizers. Perfect for mastering, loop creation, touch ups and sampler sample editing.

Brief Supported Formats List:
# MP3
# XI
# AU
Other minor formats are supported as well.

Live Performance

Got a guitar? Sing? Play the ukelele but need some effects like reverb, delay, compression or distortion? Simple, plug your instruments pickup lead into your computer, enable 'AUDIO IN' in Music Workshop and play live with realtime effects. Use fast bypass buttons on plugin panels to enable or disable effects while playing. For example, you have a band and are the lead guitarist. Your sound is good for this song you are doing but need some customisable delay at the end of each verse. Plug your MIDI foot controller into the PC as well as your guitar. Use assignable controller maps in Music Workshop to map your foot controller to the on/off switch of the delay, and play away. Repeat this technique with multiple effects for a much broader sound range for your band. You don't even need a foot controller if you have time to do it with a mouse between riffs. Whats more, if your PC soundcard supports multiple channels or you can work multiple soundcards in your PC, then you can try using Music Workshop as a multiple Audio channel effects processor where two or more musicians such as guitarists can use multiple effect paths on one PC.

Key Features

# Multi-Track Sequencer
# MIDI/Audio Clips
# Track Folders
# Linked Clips
# Low latency
# VST/i Host
# VST Plugin Builder
# Software sampler
# 32,64 and 80 bit
# Custom samplerates
# Built in effects
# Built in synths
# Preset management
# Modular Synth
# Import MIDI
# Record MIDI
# Export MIDI
# Export Audio
# Import Audio
# Record Audio
# Edit MP3, OGG and WAV
# SoundFonts

System Requirements

Minimum system
# 500 Mhz processor or faster
# Windows Operating System (Windows 95,98,Me,2000,2003 and Windows XP)
# 128MB Memory
# 10MB Disk Space
# 16-bit color display at 800x600 resolution
# Sound Card or On Board Sound
Recommended system
# 2000 Mhz processor or faster
# Windows XP
# 512MB Memory
# 32-bit color display at 1024x768 resolution
# Sound Card or On Board Sound


* More presets and examples.
* New smooth detune oscillator waves.
* New six-point Soundfont sample interpolation.
* New clip composer - complex melody and groove creator for any track.
* More compatible Soundfont modulation LFO and envelopes.
* Upgraded sequencer and piano roll.
* Improved clip dragging - leaves clips starting before the loop out of the drag.
* Better interpolation for audio export.
* Soundfont editor improved.
* Improved arpeggios in MIDI plugins.
* Lighter interface.
* Improved Plugin Builder preset handling.
* More plugin builder examples.
* Global Soundfont interpolation method selector.
* New 3MB GM Soundfont.
* KeyAdd parameters for all SoundFont synths.
* Improved shortcut keys - space bar stops and starts play, CTRL-R for record etc.
* Easier add/edit program change command in events list.
* Edit single events like RPN, NRPN, CC in events list.
* Piano roll key highlight for mouse movement.
* Piano roll note drag and copy drag.
* Piano roll specific area selection. Select and drag any grouping of notes.
* Piano roll key record. Enter notes into piano roll with MIDI keyboard or PC keyboard.
* New MIDI-in AUTO mode. Maps MIDI Keyboard to current context. i.e. Plugin, SoundFont editor, Track etc.
* Highlighted active plugin in synth.
* PC Typing keyboard support added to sequencer tracks and clip editor.
* "Snap to" adjustment added for adjusting audio and MIDI clip durations and start offset.
* More advanced copy and paste for piano roll. Copy and paste multiple tracks or single clip directly into piano roll.
* Faster auto-scrolling for dragging things past the sequencer window edges.
* Improved long delay or echo handling for universal fx and other gfx synth plugins.
* Uniform TPQN values for all plugins with tick based delay and step lengths. Not dependent on sequencer TPQN.
* Audition wave and mp3 files in file open window.
* Recent folders and favourite folders in file open.
* New sequencer MIDI Delay function.
* Automatic labeling of track to MIDI Plugin channel program name.
* MIDI Plugin editor always opens to corresponding channel editor when plugin editor is opened from track.
* Improved hint windows in sequencer and plugins.

PRICE: $48.00