Sonic Assault - RndWave! v1.2 (Pc/Free)

16/24-bit Wave Shape Generator/Recorder
16/24-bit Mono/Stereo Wave File Recording
Manual/Automatic Single Loop Wave Shape Generation and Recording
Built-in Mono Preview Synth with 12db LP Filter
MIDI Triggered Switching Between Generator and Synth
Zero-Zero Cross-Over Wave File Recording
12db / 24db / 36db / 48db Selectable LP/BP Filter
0db / -3db / -6db / -12db / -20db Selectable Record Levels
Manual Wave Centering and Gain Adjustment
5 Octave Note Range

Last Updated 06/07/2006
* Internal mods to the random modulation engine, giving a greater variation in wave shapes.
* Small graphical updates.
* Operationally, version 1.2 is identical to 1.1.
* The 'High CPU Use' version is no longer available.