Soundbytes - HurdyGurdyLE v0.901 beta (Pc/Free)

From the homepage:
The Soundbytes HurdyGurdyLE is a sample based VST synthesizer for the windows platform.
It recreates the sound and playing technique of the Hurdy Gurdy.

The very special character of the ancient Hurdy Gurdy sound was until now very difficult to emulate. Many of the instruments peculiarities are not well known and using a sampler it is rather difficult to reproduce the Hurdy Gurdy in a convincing way even to those who are familiar with the instrument.

You can now use the HurdyGurdyLE to play the instrument with ease. This synthesizer has been built to recreate not only the sound but also the true behaviour of the original instrument.

* Chanter and Drones will sound continously as long as the instrument is playing.
* As with the real instrument the sound will not stop when all keys are released. Instead the base key note is playing on. Playing traditional figures and ornaments is a breeze this way.
* Use the pitch wheel or a continous midi controler to activate the trompette buzz. Playing the trompette will also alter pitch and volume for increased realism.
* Use aftertouch or pitch wheel to bend the chanter note. This is done by pressing the key against the chanter string and does not influence the pitch of the drones.

Why is it free?
The HurdyGurdyLE is a showcase for our coming HurdyGurdyDrone instrument. Although it is lacking the advanced features of the commercial version it is still a fine instrument in it's own right.
A license key that unlocks the instrument for permanent use can be obtained for free from our website.

Some Notes on technique and construction
of the original Hurdy Gurdy
The traditional Hurdy Gurdy is a very particular instrument. It could well be counted among the bowed string instruments but instead of a bow there is a wooden wheel coated with resin wich is used to stimulate the string vibration.

Jul-25-06 b0.901: Changes:
Performance Controls > the Note Hold and Off Note Functions were modified for improved convenience:

* It is now possible to set the playable range between A2 and D4
* when 'Key Hold' is activated the instrument will start to play when a midi key within the chosen range is pressed (this is pretty much the same what the earlier 'note hold' button did)
* with activated 'Key Stop' button the instrument will stop when any MidiKey outside the chosen range is pressed (this replaces the earlier off note function)

Several minor changes and bugfixes.