Angry Red Planet - Sequitur beta v1.0.3 (Pc/Free)

dynamic MIDI-oriented music editing and realtime manipulation

sophisticated event routing and manipulation

powerful MIDI editing environment

interactive algorithmic composition tools

easy audio recording

sequitur requires Windows XP SP2. an audio interface with an ASIO driver is required for VST and audio support. a MIDI keyboard or other controller is highly recommended.

the current version of sequitur is a free early beta, to get feedback from others.
please note that this early beta is still crashing on many VSTs.

2006.07.31 -- beta1.0.3

* Improved VST scanning. Fixed some crashes although some (apparently environment-dependent) still exist. If you've had problems with a previous release, the easiest thing to do is run Uninstaller to clear out the Sequitur-generated folders and return things to a clean state, then run Sequitur.

2006.07.29 -- beta1.0.2

* Added Uninstaller utility for deleting folders created by running Sequitur. This utility can also be used to return Sequitur to a clean install state.

* Any time a new VST is scanned that caused a problem, Sequitur will give you the option to send an email to support with the info.

* Fixed various bugs in handling non-ASCII characters, that would cause errors when they occur in file names and other places.

* Initial setup now records the VST path and other info, so that if a VST crashes it, it can continue scanning the next time the app runs.

* New songs no longer have a default VSTi track. To create a new one, select from the menu Tracks->Add Synth Track-> and choose the desired VST.