Angry Red Planet - Sequitur beta v1.1.0 (Pc/Free)

dynamic MIDI-oriented music editing and realtime manipulation


sophisticated event routing and manipulation

powerful MIDI editing environment

interactive algorithmic composition tools

easy audio recording

sequitur requires Windows XP SP2. an audio interface with an ASIO driver is required for VST and audio support. a MIDI keyboard or other controller is highly recommended.

the current version of sequitur is a free early beta, to get feedback from others.
please note that this early beta is still crashing on many VSTs.

Sequitur beta1.1.0

* Now searches shortcuts in the VST folders.
* The VST menus are categorized according to your file structure. That is, if you have a main VST plugins folder called SequiturPlugins\ and it contains a folder called FX\, then the FX folder will appear as a submenu in Sequitur.
* For first-time users, added a warning page before the VST setup page that informs about the experimental nature and gives you the opportunity to skip VST setup. VSTs can be setup at any time from a song window by selecting File->Preferences->Audio tab and adding a path.
* Added Width parameter to sine wave.
* No longer require SSE instructions -- will work on Pentium III class CPUs.
* Mouse wheel now supported.

Song Window

* Drag-and-drop has been improved.
* New commands for shifting the current selection forward and backward in time.
* Added shortcuts for expand and contract commands.
* The expand and contract commands now work on the current selection.
* By hovering over the left or right edge of the currently selected range, you can drag it larger or smaller.
* Expand, Contract, Shift operations now work on time meters and tempos. The measure header now includes strips displaying time meter and tempo information, which you can include/exclude from the selection by clicking on their labels on the left (like including/excluding tracks). When they are included in the selection, operations on the selection will also operate on the tempo and/or meter.
* You can now perform multiple selection of phrases by holding the shift key.
* MIDI device menu is better organized (sorted etc).
* The track config view now has volume, pan and expression controls beneath the patch selection. Additionally, selecting multiple tracks will create a 'dynamic mixer' displaying these controls for each selected track.
* Improvements have been made to pipeline editing.
* Clicking a VST node will now bring up a config view for setting the current patch.
* Fixed bug that wouldn't let you set fractional values in the master tempo control.

Track Window

* Controller strips rewritten. Changes include tab buttons for quickly switching between multiple controllers, better display of controller data, and resizeable areas.
* Playback now stops when the mouse button is released.
* Improvements to drawing speed when there are a lot of translucent objects (such as ghost events in the track window).
* Holding down ALT turns off quantization.
* Active tool config view -- when operating i.e. echosystem, its config view is visible and properties are set appropriately.
* Tool assignments are now retained
* Additional editing commands in the menu for moving or changing values of the selected events.