Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) - Ultra Analog Session (Pc/Mac)
Few Knobs. Big Sound.

Ultra Analog Session is a versatile and expressive synthesizer based on a selection of twenty different engine configurations from the acclaimed Ultra Analog VA-1. Ultra Analog Session boasts a comprehensive preset library covering basses, leads, pads, brasses, and strings. In addition, its simple and straightforward interface also lets you sculpt your sound from key synthesis and performance parameters. The container may be small, but Ultra Analog Session packs outstanding sounds, making it the "go-to" synth for your analog needs.


Count on Ultra Analog Session to build solid song foundations thanks to its eighteen thumping bass presets. Control how low you want to go with the Sub oscillator parameter.


Thirteen leads will let you cut through the mix like a blazing laser. Link any parameter to your MIDI controller and you are up for a stellar performance.


Set the mood right and transport your audience—these nine lush and moving pads will make the perfect song beds. Add some custom tailoring to the envelope to bring it all together.


Punchy brasses, gorgeous string ensembles, monster trance hits, powerful chord sweeps, and a funky analog clavinet—the fourteen polysynth sounds of Ultra Analog Session are just a treasure chest of versatility. And a simple twist on the modulated filter module will flip their character in an instant.

Ultra Analog Session Highlights

* Twenty selected engine configurations from the Ultra Analog VA-1
* Key performance and synthesis parameters for easy customization of sounds
* High-end effects: chorus, flanger, vibrato, delay, and reverb
* Standalone and plug-in format support for live and studio use
* Full automation support
* Lightning fast preset changes

System Requirements

* Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP – Pentium III 800MHz – 128MB RAM – ASIO, DirectSound – VST, DXi
* Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 – PowerPC G4 733MHz – 256MB RAM – CoreAudio – VST, AU, RTAS

Ultra Analog Session is not yet compatible with Intel-based Mac systems. A free update is coming soon.

Price: 99 dollar