Benedict Roff-Marsh - PreRoll Recorder v1.1 (Pc)

From the homepage:
Have you just pulled off a solo that would have made Malmsteen cry, only to find that you didn't press the record button first? Or, does your creativity, passion and feel leave the room as soon as you know that the record button has been pressed?

PreRoll Recorder fixes these and similar issues by providing you with a VST inset that you can place anywhere in your audio chain that is always squirelling away your creativity without you seeing that dreaded flashing-red-light-of-doom.

As soon as you realize that you have done something wonderful you can just recover the audio files saved by PreRoll Recorder and upgrade them to your sequencer as a performance take.

If this sounds like a good thing read on...


Back in the old days of tape, an engineer didn't want to roll tape till he was sure that he was likely to get a decent take because the expensive tape degraded with each pass and quality was lost. So everything that happened in the studio wasn't recorded.

In the early days of digital, the same engineer was hesitant to record till he was sure of a decent take because of habit, cost and fear that the drive would get "thrashed". So everything that happened in the studio wasn't recorded.

Even now when drives are solid and cheap, engineers still don't start recording till they are sure of a decent take because of cost, habit and who would ever want all that noodling and general buggerizing around that musicians do when they are not being productive? So everything that happens in the studio still isn't recorded.

Many musicians and singers clam up and go all gummy as soon as they know that the big flashing red light goes on. They can run around like idiots in front of 20,000 people and be comfortable but as soon as they know that the engineer has gone into record they cease to be truly emotive. An old trick was that the engineer would be sneaky and record practice runs without the artists knowing (even going so far as to break the knob off the recorder so the red glow couldn't be seen) in the hope of capturing the real soul of a performance.

Just a few months ago I was talking to a couple of self-recording guitarists on the internet and they complained of their lack of inspiration as soon as they hit the record button. I told them of the old sneaky-engineer trick and they said how clever that was but seeing as they record themselves they can't help but know that they have just pressed record and can see the red light on the screen. Bye, bye passion. If they moved away to break the spell, the computer would keep recording till the drive filled up and crashed. What they wanted was to be able to wander in from the kitchen, grab up their guitars (or voices or keyboards) and play without pressure; and that if they struck gold it could be recovered. All without being reminded that they were bering recorded. Enter PreRoll Recorder.

Price: 10 dollar