Cockos - REAPER v1.0.1 (Pc)

REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio. REAPER provides a flexible but easy to use interface that is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike

Fast and powerful editing facilities

* Tool-less mouse interface -- spend less time clicking
* Drag and drop files to instantly import them into a project
* Support for mixing any combination of file type/samplerate/bit depth/etc on each track
* Easily split, move, and resize items
* Each item has easily manipulated fades and volume
* Configurable and editable automatic crossfading of overlapping items
* Per-item pitch shift and time stretch
* Arbitrary item grouping - easily group any number of items across any number of tracks (great for drum editing)
* Markers and envelopes can be moved in logical sync with editing operations
* Ripple editing - moving/deletion of items can optionally affect later items
* Multiple tempos and time signatures per project
* Ability to define regions, and quickly move/copy regions (and their contents), to quickly try out alternate arrangements
* Automation envelopes for volume, pan, and plug-in parameters
* Configurable locking settings (lock items, envelopes, loop selection, etc, independently)

Outstanding routing capabilities

* Tracks can be viewed and used as normal tracks, or....
* Each track can function as a track and as a bus
* Each track can send to any number of other tracks (unlimited multiple parallel sends*)
* Each track can send to any number of hardware outputs (mono or stereo) for monitoring or analog mixing
* Every send can send audio and/or MIDI, audio sends can be before FX, after FX, or after the track's volume/pan faders
* Every send has its own volume/pan/phase controls
* Tracks can have as many as 64 channels, for easy support of multi-out VSTi, as well as enormous sidechain flexibility
* Routing Matrix window for easy viewing and changing of routing
* Feedback routing is supported

Powerful recording options

* Support for direct multi-track recording to all supported formats, including WAV, MIDI, WavPack, FLAC, and OGG
* Record monitoring allows you to run FX on inputs and route them while stopped and/or while recording
* Per-track record monitoring settings: off, on, tape auto style (monitoring when recording, not monitoring when playing)
* Per-track record mode selection (can record input, mixed track output, track MIDI output, or just monitor+route only)
* Change any track's record arming, input, monitoring, or record mode at any time (even while recording)
* Supports auto-punch in/out, and multi-item/multi-track auto-punch
* Supports looped recording adding takes
* Can record entire mixed (live) output
* Automatically add recorded items to any existing items as new takes
* Automatic gapless file switching to avoid 2GB/4GB filesystem limits

MIDI support

* MIDI files can be inserted in any track
* Piano roll MIDI editor with velocity, pitch, and CC controls
* Support for multi-track recording/monitoring of any MIDI hardware input
* Any number of tracks can send to any MIDI hardware output
* Support for VSTi/DXi softsynths and VST MIDI fx
* Support for recording a track's output (audio or MIDI) independent of what input is selected (meaning you can record live the audio output of a softsynth from a MIDI source, or even more interestingly record the MIDI output of ReaGate from a live (audio) input)

Customizable user interface

* Color themes: change the way REAPER appears to meet your tastes, or choose one of nearly 50 themes included
* User arrangeable user interface. The following windows can be hidden, docked, or floated to meet your needs:
o Track mixer view
o Transport controls
o Undo history
o Media explorer
o Routing matrix
o Navigator
o FX browser
o Track FX chains
o Performance meter
o more!

Bundled Effects and 3rd party plug-in Support

* Flexible FX chains allow unlimited FX per track*
* Full plug-in delay compensation (PDC), even with all combinations of routing
* Realtime FX processing
* Offline FX processing (Apply FX to item as new take)
* Supports VST/VSTi plug-ins
* Supports DX/DXi plug-ins
* Includes ReaGate, a sidechain-enabled noisegate that supports lookahead
* Includes ReaComp, a sidechain-enabled compressor that supports lookahead
* Includes ReaFIR, an FFT EQ+dynamics processor
* Includes ReaVerb, a convolution reverb
* Includes many user-programmable Jesusonic effects

Extremely small footprint
REAPER is full featured, but its installer fits on a floppy disk (not that you have one). It starts and closes fast, and is easily installed on new systems or on portable drives.

Easy to use
Equally usable by hobby users and professionals alike. Simply drag and drop one of many kinds of files in to edit existing material, or insert a track and arm it for recording. No complex project settings or definitions are required.

Wide open compatibility

* Human readable and editable project file format
* Support for on-the-fly reading and writing of many common file formats, including WAV, MID, AIFF, WavPack, FLAC, and OGG
* Support for consolidating track edits, to enable easy export of edited audio
* Support for rendering track stems, to enable easy export (with FX and automation)
* EDL import/export for both Samplitude and Vegas
* Includes ReaRoute, which enables sending/receiving of audio to/from most other ASIO enabled applications

* ui: transport icon updates
* ui: cleanups to track/mixer controls, smaller
* ui: color themes can override button background/border
* ui: smaller vertical fader buttonsont for volume/pan labels
* configurable keyboard shortcuts, with a LOT of new actions (some are assigned, some arent)
o ctrl+pagedn zooms out full
o ctrl+alt+up/down selects tracks
* fixed keyboard shortcut preferences bug under win9x
* keyboard shortcut list as web page generation
* added "move items to source preferred position" for BWF files etc
* play on record paused now goes back to record
* fixed fx browser thinking it should be opened on startup in many instances
* fix for looping pitch shifted downsampled items
* fix for all notes off sending when looping (and multiple ANOs when routing)
* fixed default volume bug in click source
* removed warning when overdub loop recording and track was unarmed
* tons of mixer optimizations to reduce memory bandwidth used
* simplified start of recording thread synchronization
* when in +6 item adjustment range, better support for >+6dB gain
* when in +0 item adjust range, you can go over +0dB for an item if you hold shift
* fixed monitoring issues on >2 ch tracks
* fixed scrollbar bug when clicking on thumb edges
* put minimum buffer sizes on ks/waveout/ds modes to avoid misconfiguration crash
* midi editor: ruler at top
* midi editor: grid fixes, visual appearance improvements
* midi editor: mousewheel over piano roll scrolls by default
* midi editor: CC lane has centerline, and things snap to center (hold ctrl to disable snap)
* midi editor: better pitch lane mode
* w64 file format support, bwf "bext" chunk support
* AIFF/WAV file readers can read up to 4gb .wav files, > 4gb non-standard .wav files, and .w64 files
* AIFF/wAV reader handles properly files that claim to be larger than they are
* AIFF/WAV/w64 sink: writes meaningful header so a power outage during recording will usually produce a readable file
* updated wav/w64/aiff reader to handle chunks in any order, better error messages
* internal cleanups in preparation of...something coming later

System Requirements

Minimum system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP with 128MB RAM, 10MB free disk space, 800x600 in 256 colors or higher, Windows compatible sound hardware

Recommended system: Windows 2000/XP with 1GB RAM, >1GB free disk space, 1280x1024 in 16.7M colors, ASIO sound drivers

This is an amazing software, so be sure to by a license!