ddmf - IIEQ v1.1 (Pc/Free)

The IIEQ is a 10-band fully parametric VST EQ for Windows PCs. The goal in designing this equalizer was to create a plugin that is very light on the CPU while offering an amount of sonic control which is not available in the built-in EQs that come with digital audio workstations. Hence the IIEQ is the ideal track EQ, as the user can load many instances without having to suffer from a high CPU load. And, last but not least, the IIEQ is free!

The 10 bands consist of a low- and a high shelf filter with variable gain and cutoff frequency (these are the two bands on the very right and the very left of the user interface that do not offer a Q (i.e. bandwidth) control) plus 8 peaking bands with variable gain, center frequency and Q. All bands can be switched on or off by clicking on the small turqoise buttons on the gain controls. The overall level can be adjusted with the "Out" knob.


* Bug leading to compressor-like behaviour on some hosts (Fruity Loops, Tracktion) has been removed.
* Finer resolution in mouse-GUI interaction.