Intuem 4 announced (Mac/Universal)

Intuem 4 is coming -- and it's going to be FAST!

The next version of Intuem is nearing completion, with wider Beta testing starting last week. Here's a sneak peek at what's to come:

* First and most importantly Intuem 4 is a Universal Binary to take advantage of the blazing performance of the new Intel Macs. The entire application runs natively on Intel Macs, yet being a universal binary it is also able to run on PowerPC Macs using Mac OS X Jaguar version 10.2.8 and up.

* Secondly, support for AudioUnits has improved greatly with much, much better handling of AudioUnit windows, broad support for AudioUnit presets and Intuem can now record automation directly from AudioUnit windows. Intuem 4 also has a new feature that integrates AudioUnits into your workflow like no other application.

* Intuem 4 can now support large audio projects with very fast opening and saving, even on G3 Macs.

* The pencil tool gets souped up in 4 with several new modes.

* Intuem provides direct access to popular track controls like current take, output device, play-through, MIDI program and so on right in the document window so you don't have to bring up the Inspector.

* Intuem's controller also gets a face-lift and a mind of its own.

* And much more...

Intuem 3.5
It has long been the problem that you can't easily have dynamic, free flowing music in a sequencer. Oh sure you can record a beautiful performance to an audio file with your computer, and you can groove quantize MIDI, but to record a truly natural, free flowing MIDI sequence and be able to notate it and play it on any MIDI device and still have it sound as beautiful as it was originally played, that's something else altogether. To do that you need a variable-tempo system and a simple way to transform a real, human, performance into a sequence where bars and beats actually have meaning. Now we know you've got your Logic, Cubase and Digital Performer, and we know you enjoy your AppleLoops from time to time. But wouldn't it be great to have a flowing dynamic, beautiful, performance, and all those things as well?

Now you can. Intuem can bring together its uniquely simple yet powerful note refitters to transform your sequence, and its variable-tempo system to drive your sequencer. That's right: Intuem 3.5 can drive other sequencers like Apple's Logic Express and Soundtrack Pro or any sequencer that responds to MIDI Machine Control (MMC), MIDI Clock or MIDI Time Code (MTC). If your sequencer has specific MIDI devices, audio effects or AppleLoops or a special feature you need, you can have all that and a beautiful dynamic performance that is meaningful to your sequencer because it lines-up exactly with bar and beat boundaries, something your loops and rhythm machines will appreciate. With Intuem doing the driving you can have everything.

Price: Intuem 3.5 costs $79