Klang Labs - StompBud v1.5 (Pc)

A collection of nine "Body Sounds" that plays random samples on every note input, useful to make clapping sounds, applauses and other effects. Play single notes to make spanish-like clappings and play several notes to create dance/funk clap clusters that doesn't sound like they were sampled, play with more than one instance and you'll end with a big crowd ;)


One bank set of 128 sounds per section, they are:

Section A: Mixed Claps - Soft Claps - Hard Claps
Section B: Flat Claps - Fat Claps - Finger Snaps
Section C: Chest hits - Pants (no woman underwear, think as baggypants) - Shoes (Skate shoes).

St/Sp (stereo separation): set the ammount of random data sent to Pan.

Pan = adjusts overall panning.

Volume = adjusts the overall volume.

Bounce = toggles pan from left to right in sync with the host sequencer.

Bounce Speed=

Whats new on v1.5:

All previous StompBud plugins are now on a single plug with paged panels.

Changes on initial volumes, overall is a bit more loud now.

MIDI Channel selectors: So you can control each module independently.

Price: 25 dollar