NUSofting - Marimka v1.0 (Pc)

NUSofting Marimka VST Physical Modeling Synthesizer for Windows

From the homepage:
Marimka is a virtual instrument on the line of HarpTime and Peti, that is targeted to ethnic folk sounds, in this case marimba and balafon, tuned percussions. It is able also of other percussive sounds like frame drums.

Marimka is anyway not merely an acoustic emulation, at extreme settings it reveals a strong synthetic timbre, so it's very nice also for hybrid textures.
Despite the few controls you see on the GUI the range of different percussive sounds is huge.

Marimka is pure shareware, it's freely downloadable as trial,
but if you use it in your music you have to buy a license for 19 USD.

Marimka Controls:

EG attack: from hard to soft mallet
EG decay: note duration
EG tune: pitch sweep
FM tone: to add harmonics
Pitch Fine: fine tuning
Pitch Octave: octave transpose
Volume: output level
Bypass Limiter: to turn the internal limiter
Resonators Plate amount: the resonance decay time
Resonators Gain: the audio level of the Resonators
Resonators Width: the pitch of the Resonators
Ping-Pong Delay: stereo delay effect synced to VST host BPM