Perimeter Sound Arts & Contralogic Productions - Feldspar Special Edition multi effect vst plug in (Pc)

The Feldspar Special Edition multi effect vst plug in.
from the homepage:
Contralogic Productions and Perimeter Sound Arts present : the Feldspar Special Edition Multi FX VST. This Special Edition version of the Feldspar Multi FX VST is a slightly altered version of the original. It has one envelope and settings instead of 2, and 4 modulation routings in the matrix instead of 6. A reverb effect has been added, the cpu usage has gone down by about 1/3, and the number of patches has doubled. Below are the main features.

* A 3 mode sequenced envelope, with rate control, as well as ADSR and amp controls.
* A 4X modulation routing matrix, with the usual source & destination settings as well as mix level. Modulation sources include S&H, as well as LFO + and -, and Envelope + and -, and can be sent to filter, ring, and reverb controls for even more varied modulations.
* Delay/Echo with LP/HP filtering, and L-R, R-L, and Straight settings for the echos.
* 2 assignable LFO's for various tempo-synched modulation possibilities, with 16 different wave types to choose from, rate control, and FM and AM controls for frequency and level modulation control.
* A ring modulator with level and pitch controls.
* Unique dual filters, with bleed control, and 4 filter types to choose from.
* A reverb effect with dampening control.
* Width control in the master out section, for enhanced stereo sound.
* Low to moderate cpu usage, and 31 presets included.

This VST was made for use on pc computers, and has been tested in several major hosts and found to function without any problem. Our Apple and Garageband loop sample users are welcome to a copy of it also, in the hopes that some of you are running the new mac dual boot setup and can run it that way, or if you want to give it to a pc using music making friend.

Feldspar Special Edition is free with any loop sample purchase, as a gift from Perimeter Sound Arts and Chris @ Contralogic Productions. The original version of the Feldspar Multi FX VST is free with the purchase of the Feldspar Synth.

There is a text format manual included, 31 presets to get you started, and this plug in has no cumbersome copy protection or installers to deal with.