Sagan Technology - Metro pre-release v6.3.6 (Mac/Universal)

* Multiple outs for track insert plug-ins. This makes it possible to assign multiple mixer channels to a single plug-in. Documentation on this new feature will be posted soon.
* Automation only tracks. This track type will affect the volume and pan of a sound generating track if it is assigned the same Metro output as the sound generating track (or multi-out) and the sound generating track has no automation of its own. Automation tracks can have independent track lengths and loop settings.
* Sample accurate automation for AudioUnits (AU) if the AU plug-in permits.
* Miscellaneous optimizations.
* Software Audio Thru now works for 1/2 duplex audio devices. A 1/2 duplex audio device is one, such as some USB audio devices, that has un-synchronized input and output.
* The last selected controller or automation parameter is correctly remembered for each track.
* The Intel version (not LX or SE) now uses Intel's SSE vector processor to optimize Metro's performance.
* When zoomed into the sample level it is now possible to right click on the sample to edit the sample numerically. It is also possible to edit 32 bit floating point sample data now.
* A popup in the Metronome dialog now allows the user to route the Metronome sound to a particular Metro output.
* Clicking on the output dots in the effects window (after the plug-in name) brings up a popup allowing the user to configure AU plug-ins number of outputs.
* The Metronome has been updated to version 1.0.3. There was a problem when counting off with certain plug-ins loaded where the Metronome would produce noise during the count off.
* Zipper noise when moving Mixer faders.
* Muting or soloing a track insert soft-synthesizer now works as expected. Previously certain plug-ins would produce sound even when muted in case other tracks were sending MIDI to the plug-in.
* If a realtime edit was performed while looping over the end of a track the playback bar could possibly be positioned incorrectly.
* When cueing, automation starts at the right sample number.
* The mixer's mute status was not being honored in certain cases.
* Was crashing on initial paste of continuous data into blank audio track.
* Effect automation data display in the graphic editor was sometimes displaying values out of range.
* Changing audio devices would sometimes leave the default audio device as invalid.
* Some error messages have improved.
* Better support for aggregate devices.
* Crash could occur when using the offline effects processor on 32 bit audio tracks.
* When creating drum sets on the fly it was possible that the custom drum name entered would be ignored.
* AU timing accuracy as reported to the plug-in is improved especially when count-off is enabled.
* Was leaking memory for certain AU plug-ins.
* Workaround for Intel Macintosh Apple OS bug where the cursor position is off by one pixel.
* The internal version number was not being calculated correctly on Intel Macs. This could allow newer versions of Metro documents to attempted to be read instead of an error message presented. Caution should be used to not open newer documents when using previous versions of Metro on intel Macs.
* Better defaults in the Modify outputs and busses dialog.
* Selecting a folder in the jukebox during playback no longer messes up the play back position display of audio tracks.
* Clearing velocity data when no MIDI data exists on a track no longer results in a crash.
* Copying automation data was not possible from the graphic editor when a Software Instrument was selected in certain cases.
* When pasting and the clipboard contents contain a track insert Software Instrument, the Software Instrument will be restored only if the destination track has no MIDI data.
* It is now possible to paste automation data on to a completely empty track.
* MIDI files are now written correctly on Intel Macs. Please delete any MIDI files written by Metro prior to this version on Intel Macs as they were invalid.
* The Normalize output faders feature has been improved.
* When closing a pane in the graphic editor, it was possible that the other views could change improperly.
* Was possibly drawing the wrong data if two MIDI controller views were active in the graphic editor.
* Stop was flashing in the Transport when audio device was changed in certain cases.
* VU's in the mixer window would get stuck in certain rare cases.
* The Input and Output contextual menu popups are improved.
* Changing the Transport window's floating state would sometimes change the size of the Transport window and would also prevent help tags from working.

Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. It stands alone as a complete and integrated MIDI, audio and video production system.

The audio system supports up to 64 audio tracks. Each track can have its own effect chain. Eight aux busses are also supported. Each with their own chain. Chains can be made up of VST effects and/or AudioUnits (OS X only). VST 2.0 is supported. All effects can be automated. Real-time editing is encouraged. Software audio play-thru allows the original audio to be recorded regardless of what plug-ins are currently in use.

The MIDI system has been around since the 1980's and is the most versatile and stable product of its kind on any platform. Metro combines all the functionality expected from a professional Macintosh MIDI sequencer with a simplified interface and innovative ideas, such as the Rhythm Explorer™ and the algorithmic Note Spray Paint tool.This MIDI system has been updated to support CoreMIDI and VST technologies.

The video system uses Apple's QuickTime technology for recording, applying video effects and overlaying text.

Complex projects can now be completed simply and elegantly.

Price from: 70 dollar