Sonic Assault - Sam!Solo v1.1 (Pc/Free)

Single Slot - Single Stereo Output - 16/24-bit Wav File Player
16/24-bit Stereo Wave File Player with ADSR Envelope and Selectable MIDI Note Triggering
Pitch, Pitch Bend Range, Gain, Velocity Sensitivity, Pan, L/R Channel Swap Controls and L/R Clip Indicators
Forward/Reverse/Loop Play
Start/End Position Sliders with Fine Adjust and Cue Markers
MIDI On/Off, MIDI Channel, Manual Gate Triggering and Gate Lock
12db Biquad LP/BP/HP/Notch/Low Shelf/High Shelf/EQ Peak Filter with Independent Level Control
Switchable Peak Meter with Peak Hold
Independent Switching of Main and Filtered Outputs
File Info Display (Not Shown)
Default Position Reset on all Rotary Controls
128 Patches
Full Automation

Sam!Solo Updated - The new version has a Gate Lock which allows MIDI key on/key off operation, plus the addition of 3 extra filter settings - Low Shelf, High Shelf and EQ Peak.
Also added is a Pitch Bend Range control and a Peak Meter (to make setting up easier).
Finally, a problem with the MIDI automation has been fixed.