Team Monalisa - Monalisa-Audio Unit v0.7 (Mac/Universal/Free)

What is Monalisa-Audio Unit?

Monalisa-Audio Unit is a software component which allows you to process audio using Apple Image Units by routing this audio through any Audio Unit capable application. Monalisa-Audio Unit acts as a plug-in host to mediate between Audio Units and Image Units, allowing you to process your audio signal through any Image Unit. All processing in Monalisa-Audio Unit is dependant on Image Units, therefore by installing a new Image Unit you can in turn get a new audio signal processing function.

Monalisa-Audio Unit is a world first for processing Audio Units via the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), utilising it's abundant resources. Making it possible to use the GPU not only for 3d games but also for audio signal processing. This presents new possibilities for heavy realtime processing, which previously could not have been handled by the CPU alone. From this point on, we are planning to develop a "GPU Reverb" Image Unit which can perform audio reverb processing using the GPU.

Monalisa-Audio Unit is a part of the application system Monalisa. Monalisa can interconvert image and audio signal, while maintaining it's structure. It enables real time processing for the process or the end result of the conversion, using image/audio plug-ins. Monalisa is under development and currently at alpha stage.

System Requirements
Mac OSX 10.4.3 (or later) Core Image capable.
Processing speed remains dependant on the graphics card.

Compatible Host Applications
Any Audio Unit host application compatible with the Cocoa UI.
These applications have been tested and are compatible with Monalis-Audio Unit.
Checked Host Application list
- Apple GarageBand
- Apple Logic Pro
- Apple AULab