Teragon Audio - MissWatson v1.0 beta (Pc/Mac/Free)

MissWatson is a lightweight testing host designed for debugging and batch processing with a single plugin. It runs from a console and can easily be attached to a debugger such as GDB for plugin analysis. It has a number of options that can be passed to it from the command line, fully simulating a realtime VST or AU host. It also has accurate logging, and can do host and plugin benchmarking for total processing time.


Currently working features:

* Supports DLL (Windows), Mach-O (Mac OSX), and CFM (Mac OS Classic) plugin formats
* Supports VST and AU plugin formats
* Supports both instrument and effect plugins
* Can query plugin's parameter and program lists
* Command line interface for parameters and programs
* Can open plugin editor windows
* Audio file I/O to plugin
* MIDI file I/O to plugin
* Simultaneous audio and MIDI I/O for effect plugins
* Can open plugin editor windows
* Displays detailed information about plugin's parameters, capabilities, version, etc.
* Ability to make parameter changes from command line
* Ability to set program changes from command line
* Detailed benchmarking statistics for host, plugin CPU usage

Features currently under development:

* Realtime and offline processing modes (currently MissWatson only operates in offline mode, though any plugins believe they are being run in realtime)
* Unit testing abilities
* Host emulation and profiling capabilities
* Audio I/O through system soundcard
* MIDI I/O through system MIDI bus
* Generate random MIDI or audio data for testing
* Generate MIDI notes for testing
* Generate waveform input for testing


MissWatson is currently distributed as a single, standalone application. No installation is necessary other than moving it to a desired destination folder.

Run "MissWatson --help" to see the currently supported options

* Windows XP or 2000
* Mac OSX, 10.2 or higher