Transvaal Audio - Lost Technology v0.2 (Pc/Free)

Lost Technology 0.2 has been released. This release includes the following changes:

* The sizes of the waveform buffers can be changed. The default setting should work well most of the time; lower settings are useful when memory must be conserved, higher ones when very low minimum frequencies are desired.
* The F&W update trigger sequence can be inverted. In version 0.1.3, the valley->peak->posneg sequence was arbitrarily chosen over the equally valid peak->valley->negpos form. Now both alternatives are available to the user.
* The effects of parameter settings are now mostly independent of the sample rate. LT presets will produce similar results for all host sample rates.
* I have been doing a lot of code reorganization and streamlining. LT might use slightly less CPU time now.

Lost Technology is a VST effect plug-in that separates incoming audio signals into amplitude, frequency and waveform (harmonic content) signals, modulates those part signals and then merges them into audio signals again. The plug-in takes two inputs and produces two outputs. The Analyzer component splits the input signal, the Modulator components combine part signals in various ways and the Synthesizer component merges three part signals into audio output.

Lost Technology is a VST plug-in that runs on Microsoft Windows (it should work on all 32-bit Windowses supported by your host application) and is released under the MIT/Expat/X11 licence.