UltimateSoundBank - Plugsound Pro (Pc/Mac/Universal)

From the homepage:
The first software workstation combining a massive 8 Gb core library, easy groove manipulation, preset management and universal compatibility.

More than easy to use
Following the Ultimate Sound Bank tradition -Instruments of simplicity-, PLUGSOUNDPRO delivers a powerful engine with an extremely easy to handle and clear user interface. No long learning curves, you can use it in seconds without reading any boring manuals, and create your music right away. Simplicity: the soul of the award winning Plugsound serie is still here, but with a totally new multi-timbral and groove dimension !

New Powerful UVI Engine
PLUGSOUNDPRO uses the very last version of the UVI Engine, offering more power and flexibility than ever: 64 parts, 64 MIDI channels, key-switch, streaming, powerfull synth engine with envelopes, LFO, Filters... Professional quality audio processors... Plus a complete and flexible groove manipulation tool, including automatic synchronisation, midi & audio drag & drop... All in the same instrument. Simple and efficient !

Award-Winning and Massive Library
PLUGSOUNDPRO delivers 8 Gb of of the most useful sounds you can have. It includes ALL the sounds from the award-wining Plugsound Box (with some enhanced presets like the pianos), a new Classical section providing a wide range of acoustic instruments, and a complete selection of loops and phrases carefully sorted and ready to use. Want more? Add more sounds thanks to the brand new UVI Soundcards...

Complete FX implementation
One keypoint of the new UVI Engine is the audio processing part. On each of the 64 parts (loops or instruments) you can insert up to four effects. Dozens of effects and hundreds of presets are provided. Sound quality is definetly pro: from classy convolution reverberation to analog modeled Chorus and Flanger, from Studio Limiter to high-class EQ... Certainly the most complete arsenal for this kind of instruments.

Expert Mode
Want to create complex scene and stack in second ? The super easy Expert Mode allows you to experiment multiple splits, stack as many sounds as you wish to build powerful soundscapes and ambiances...It also lets you trigger parts and switch sounds easily by hitting a chosen key... Hit the corresponding keys together and the sounds are stacked instantaneously, each part can have its own individual output and FX.

UVI Master
For the very first time, a software instrument includes a true real-time mastering section. Therefore PLUGSOUNDPRO always offers the best sound ever, while you are building your song or production. Also, the built-in spectrum analyser will help you during this process. Dozens of presets are available right out of the box covering a large variety of style: Punchy Mix, Hip Hop, Jazz Club, Classical piece, etc.

Unique Drag & Drop
PLUGSOUNDPRO offers MIDI and Audio Drag & Drop. The MIDI mode allows you ot drag and drop a MIDI File directly to your sequencer track, then you can edit the loop at you convenience (quantize, re-arranging). Audio Drag & Drop is also available: soundfile can be directly imported to any audio track and instantly synchronised to your sequencer tempo, using the internal high quality sliced-loop and time-stretching engine.

PLUGSOUNDPRO allows you to import instantly REX, Apple Loops, Aiff and WAV files. Rex and AppleLoops files are natively read by Plugsound Pro and Midi Drag & Drop will work without any conversion tool !
Expand with brand new UVI Soundcards.
UVI Soundcard™ are fully compatible and available for PLUGSOUNDPRO. These new libraries are the new generation of sampling collection. Stay tuned!

Working with loops is really easy, powerful and not limited. Choose the way you want to work. LIVE performance ? No problem, thanks to the smart Latch & Expert Mode, build you entire live session as you which. STUDIO production ? PLUGSOUNDPRO remains synchronized to the host (including transport), even with dozens of grooves running along with your music. You can still use MIDI loops if you want !

New Hybrid UVI Engine, managing instruments and grooves in the same interface
8 Gb of sounds, including the complete award-winning Plugsound Box contents, plus additional classical instruments and loops
Universal compatibility Mac/PC
Expandable with new UVI Soundcards
Unlimited polyphony / ultralow software latency
Easy selection with a smart integrated browser, including realtime preview for grooves
MIDI learn on most of the parameters, including speed control
64 parts. Parts can be instruments, loops or phrases, with a freely assignable MIDI channel (create stacks and layers in seconds)
64 MIDI channels
Disk streaming for larger instruments
Multiple separate outputs
Expert mode to create complex stacks, layers, zone splits and key-switches performance, including intruments, loops and phrases
Multis are cross-platform & all host compatible
Sound Design-Shaping tools : envelopes, multi mode filters, LFOs, pitch...
Complete professional effects arsenal, with easy editing : delay, reverb, phaser, flanger, chorus, EQ, filter, drive, distorsion, compressor...

Grooves features
Direct sync to host : tempo & transport (user selectable)
Realtime sync to the beat : loops are always in time
State-of-the-art realtime time-stretch algorithm
Latch mode to start and stop loops with a simple keystroke (perfect for LIVE application)
Double/Half tempo with LED indicator
Sample/Slice Start for loops and phrases
Drag & Drop MIDI files of sliced loops into the sequencer
Drag & Drop Audio files from stretched or sliced loops into the sequencer's audio tracks
Import of REX files, Apple Loops, Aiff & WAV

IMPORTANT: iLok™ Key required
1 Gb RAM, 8Gb free hard disc space, DVDROM Drive
Mac: OSX 10.3.9 or higher, G4/G5 (1.5 GHz minimum) or Macintel
PC: Windows XP, 2 GHz Pentium IV or better CPU, OpenGL compatible graphic card

PLUGSOUNDPRO™ operates as a MAC/PC stand alone application and as a virtual instrument software plug-in for Mac OSX and Windows in all major hosts including Digidesign Pro Tools™, MOTU Digital Performer™, Apple Logic™, Ableton Live™, Steinberg Cubase SX™, Nuendo™, V-Stack™, Fruity Loops™, Sony Acid Pro™, Cakewalk Sonar™, Project 5™ and any other VST, RTAS, MAS, DXi and Audio Unit host applications.

Price: 299.00 EUR